Hanrob Pet Hotels - Sydney, Melbourne - Brisbane & Canberra

We love every pet, as if our own

When you leave your pet at Hanrob Pet Hotels, whether for boarding, daycare or
training, you can rest assured we care for your pet as if it were our own.

Where every pet is an individual

We know that no two pets are the same, and we spend time getting to know
your pet - before they arrive and while they are here.

Every pet deserves professional care

We passionately believe every pet deserves access to professional pet services,
in just the same way our children are cared for by qualified professionals


to Expect

If professional pet services are new to you, you may not know what to expect both before, during and after your pet care, whether you've booked intensive dog training or cat boarding at one of our Pet Hotels. Read on for some advice.

  • What to expect when your pet returns home from boarding


  • HOW DO I KNOW my pet is being well cared for?

    Since 1981 Hanrob Pet Hotels has been passionately caring for pets in those times when their owners are away. Whilst it’s not always possible for your pet to join you on your trip, it is always possible to leave them at Hanrob for the best care and attention. Hanrob Pet Hotels has invested an extensive amount of time and resources to achieve ‘best practice’ standards within our business.

    Our employees are at the heart of our great service which is why we are also a nationally Registered Training Organisation (RTO No: 70236). This certifies us to implement and run nationally recongised industry based training programs both to the public and our employees.

    All of our employees are educated and trained by our certified RTO which results in the highest level of internal training. This gives you peace of mind your pet is in the best hands available.
    Every Hanrob Pet Hotel offers total pet care going above and beyond in the areas of wellbeing, safety, grooming, nutrition and play. We don’t just meet the industry standards, we set them.

    Your family member will enjoy an impeccably clean kennel with radiant floor heating and personal automatic fresh water drinkers. They can stretch out and lounge on their non-allergenic trampoline beds and unwind. They will also have plenty of fresh air and natural light.

    We offer single and –  if your pet likes to make friends –  shared quarters, which we monitor to make sure everyone is getting along.

    Each pet be will be provided two meals of premium dog food per day and have access to veterinary care should they not being feeling in peak condition. They’ll also receive lots of cuddles, pats and pampering by our pet lovers that they’ll feel like they’re on a holiday of their own!




     pet shuttle service

    Our pet shuttle service offers the ultimate convenience for pet owners. With over 180 check in centres, we can pick up your pet usually within 15 minutes of your home. Our pet shuttle vans have fully air-conditioned cabins with security for your pet and separate travel compartments. Find your nearest check in centre here!

    For complete convenience and luxury for you and your pet, take advantage of our pet limo service. We will take you, your family and your luggage to the airport first so you can enjoy this luxurious trip with your pet. The limo will then take your pet directly to Hanrob where our caring team will be waiting to greet your pet and show them to their spacious quarters.



    Upon arrival your pet is shown to his/her room. Based on your booking, they either have the luxury of sleeping alone or spending their time in the company of a room mate. Bedding consists of a comfy trampoline bed and a comforter if your pet loves the finer things in life.

     Cleaning Of Pet Rooms & Play Yards 

    Our cleaning procedures consist of the highest level of hygiene practices as approved by leading pharmaceutical companies. 

    We use human, animal and environmentally safe cleaning products engineered to ward off bacteria. With the use of steam & pressure cleaning applications, we tackle hygiene head on with no area left untouched.

    Your pet’s room will be cleaned periodically throughout the day to maintain high levels of hygiene and to ensure your pet is comforable at all times.


    Feeding procedures have strict guidelines. Our kitchen and food serving staff undergo extensive training in food handling processes from refrigeration temperatures to the time food is placed at the feet of your pet.

    We serve a premium quality dry kibble for both cats and dogs, from sensitive skin & stomach, small breed to large breeds for dogs and the equivalent for our feline friends. If you have a fussy eater, we are more than happy to serve their regular diet if you wish to pack it in your pet’s travel bag.



    Most of our rooms have automatic freshwater drinkers so your pet is never without fresh drinking water. They are inspected & meticulously cleaned daily for functional purposes.


    Serious play can sometimes be a bit of a messy business! That’s why our grooming room is the perfect place for your pet to refresh after a day’s activities and depart looking and feeling their best.

    Our groomers gently clean your pet’s eyes and ears and treat them to an aromatherapy shampoo, condition and soft blow dry so they’re looking and smelling their best for the most important part of their trip – the reunion!


    Pets, just like humans get sick from time to time. We have structured our Pet Arrival Forms to prompt you to list all existing ailments/conditions for your pet and list the medications you would like us to administer if your pet is on a prescription medication.

    All of our staff are trained to connect and interact with your pet so any change in mood or temperament is detected as early as possible. Being vigilant of pet welfare is of paramount importance to all Hanrob staff. Our staff are trained to administer medication as directed by vets and in accordance with our Medication Handling procedure.



    Should a change in a pet’s condition alter in any way we will have our vet, who frequents our hotels on a regular basis, examine your pet. If our vet detects anything of concern, we will contact you.

    Our aim is to ensure that your pet is provided with a safe and healthy environment as you would at home.

     Cleaning Of Pet Rooms & Play Yards 

    Hanrob Pet Hotels ensures we are consistently improving our service by listening to our customer’s feedback. We conduct weekly customer feedback surveys which are analysed and discussed at our monthly Quality Control meetings.

    Any changes are actioned and implemented across the company. This ensures we are meeting the changing needs of our customers, which results in Hanrob Pet Hotels delivering the best service available in our industry.





    Change of diet and excitement may cause digestive upsets. As a guideline, Hanrob recommends not to feed your pet for at least three hours after coming home from Hanrob.

    We also recommend for the first couple of days to divide your pet’s daily meal into smaller meals throughout the day to help with



    Over excitement may make your dog pant a lot and act thirsty. Your dog is probably not thirsty and had plenty of water available in their room.

    Allow your dog to have some water over a period of time rather than allowing him to drink excessively.


    Being away from home can be very exciting and some pets often leave us tired but happy. It is completely normal behaviour after an action packed holiday to sleep a lot the first couple of days your pet is home.


    Once you re-establish home patterns by following a normal schedule your pet will be back to their normal self within a couple of days.



    When at Hanrob pets love to communicate to each other. You may find your pet might have a husky voice. This is normal and your pet should regain their normal voice within a couple of days after being home.


    On some occasions your pet could show mild symptoms of a cold. Just like sending your children to childcare centres sometimes they come home with a cold. In dogs the common cold is referred to as Canine Cough and in cats it is referred to as Cat Flu. Both are an airborne virus and even in the most hygienic and well ventilated areas the virus can quickly spread through the air.

    The virus can be acquired from any dog or cat, whether it be your neighbours, a dog or cat in the park or your best friends. It can even be acquired while at the vets. 

    The main symptom in dogs is a cough and nasal discharge and for cats sneezing and nasal discharge. The flu can last anywhere from a few days to two weeks. Although the coughing and sneezing is very annoying, it does not usually develop into anything more serious. 

    Vaccinations do not cover every strand of the virus, however veterinarians recommend vaccination to minimise the effects of the cold if your pet does contract the virus. It is also a requirement your pet is up to date with their vaccinations to board your pet with us.



    Due to the nature of the airborne virus, no petcare facility is immune from Canine Cough or Cat flu. Hanrob Pet Hotels has the highest level of hygiene practices as approved by leading pharmaceutical companies. Below are just a few procedures Hanrob enforce to protect your pet from the virus.

    * The best form of protection is vaccination. Hanrob makes sure all pets are vaccinated before check in.
    *Kennels are cleaned daily with veterinarian grade disinfectant.
    * All Hanrob staff follow strict personal hygiene ensuring they are not spreading the virus.
    *All staff are trained to identify cold symptoms early, however there is 7 -14 day incubation period meaning the pet could be carrying the virus, but not showing symptoms.
    * Pets that do show symptoms while in our care are quarantined from the general population. If a diagnosis is confirmed by our vet, your pet will be supplied with antibiotics. Your pet will receive extra attention and will continue their holiday as normal.




    Your pet will burn a few more calories while boarding then in the home environment.

    This is because of the excitement of being around other guests and the exercise they receive while out in playtime.

    Adjusting to a new meal routine can also affect their weight. Hanrob constantly monitor all guests for any signs of weight loss by weighing pets on arrival and throughout their stay. We also entice fussy eaters with cooked chicken.

    Pets with higher energy levels also receive smaller extra meals throughout the day.


    We pride ourselves on strong customer service and we welcome your feedback. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to contact us.