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For results that last a lifetime

Our dog training courses are designed to not only get on top of problem behaviour,
but will also give you the tools you need to continue training at home, resulting
in a better relationship between you and your dog - for life.

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Learning in a group is a great way for your dog to learn obedience and socialise with
other dogs. Join your local Hanrob Dog Club and enjoy 9 lessons, held weekly
at Hanrob Pet Hotels Melbourne!

Thanks to our years of experience, we've been able to create a range of courses to suit you
and your dog. From group classes to home-behavioural consultations, we can find the
best fit for you and your pet.

Courses to suit you and your dog

Hanrob Dog Training Academy Melbourne is conveniently located at Hanrob Pet Hotels Melbourne.
We even offer a FREE pick up and drop off service from 150+ locations around the city

Convenient location


Short Stay Dog Training 
at Hanrob Pet Hotels Melbourne

Next time you go away, why not take advantage of our on-site dog training academy and book your pet in for a 'short stay training' course at Hanrob Pet Hotels Melbourne? Held over seven days at our purpose built pet hotel, our Short Stay Training courses offer the perfect length of time to get on top of a few common behavioural issues. With three courses to choose from, you can opt for our expert dog trainers to target Walk Time behaviour; Doggy Manners; or improve on your pet's recall.  

Our Short Stay training courses are a popular option for those jetting in and out of Melbourne airport, who may have already booked their pet in for accommodation at Hanrob Pet Hotels Melbourne. Whilst you're away, your dog will spend time with their designated trainer, targeting those problem behaviours. Then, on check out, we'll spend time with you, giving you the tools you need to continue the good work at home. The result is a happier dog, a better relationship and results that last a lifetime.


      • Short Stay Training

        This 7-day live-in dog training course at Hanrob Pet Hotels Melbourne is the perfect introduction to dog training. Our professional trainers will also accommodate the individual needs of your dog and specific behaviours you would like to be addressed. You can choose from one of three packages designed to suit your needs - Walk Time; Doggy Manners; and Recall Reliably. If you're going away, why not make the most of your dog's pet boarding and add this on to their stay at Hanrob Pet Hotels Melbourne!

         Short Stay Training


        Our Short Stay Training Course has been designed to target one of three different behaviour problems. You can choose from:

        • Walk Time - designed to improve lead time, holding of the heel position and ability to walk past distractions
        • Doggy Manners - designed to manage excitable behaviour, improve control around humans, minimise problem behaviour around distractions and improve self control
        • Recall Reliably - designed to improve recall on a short and long lead and in a variety of settings, whilst also teaching recall around distractions and that coming when called is fun!
        CONVENIENCE plus


        Held at Hanrob Pet Hotels Melbourne, our Short Stay Training Courses are popular with those jetting in and out of Melbourne, and booking their pet in for accommodation. It's the perfect time for us to get on top of any problem behaviours your dog may be displaying, whilst you're busy on your travels. The best bit is we give you a complete handover when you return, equipping you with the knowledge you need to reinforce the positive learnings your pet has made in your absence. You'll go home not only with a departure training manual, but with a happier, more obedient dog. 


        OPTION 2: DOGGY MANNERS I t’s a real joy to have a dog that is able to socialise and interact well with other pets. This course is perfect for dogs that are shy or need to learn how to play nice! Areas of training include: Excitability management and control around humans (Jumping up) Reducing and managing undesirable behaviour around distractions Self-control (sit stay/doorways etc.) OPTION 3: RECALL RELIABLY

        Our Short Stay Training Course includes

        • Chosen training course
        • Pre-arrival survey where you will detail the areas you would like our trainers to focus on
        • Full Accommodation for your dog
        • Two  nutritious meals/day
        • Training updates
        • Complimentary bath
        • 30 minute departure lesson where you are encouraged to bring the whole family to learn how to continue training in the home environment
        • Departure training manual.