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Hanrob Travel Rewards Program!

Become a Hanrob Pet Hotels customer and receive $200 to spend on travel and
lifestyle rewards, thanks to our exclusive partnership with Discover 365 Travel and Lifestyle


  • EXCLUSIVE TRAVEL & lifestyle benefits

    At Hanrob Pet Hotels, we like to reward our customers. And what do we know our customers love to do? Travel. That's why we've partnered with Discover 365 Travel and Lifestyle Club to not only give each of our customers access to this exclusive Club, but also give all our customers $200 Discovery Dollars to spend on any discounts and offers within the Club.



    We know you love to travel. That's why we've partnered with Discover 365 Travel and Lifestyle Club to offer you real benefits you'll actually use. 

    When you become a Hanrob Pet Hotels customer, you will automatically have the chance to join the Discover 365 program. Not only that, but we'll give you $200 to spend on the offers and discounts contained within the program and, unlike other rewards programs, every dollar you earn adds up to a real dollar in value.

    As you'll soon find out, Discover 365 contains the very best rates for some of the best hotels, holidays and packages around the world. Plus, you can spend your Discovery Dollars to secure even better rates - you can even use them to secure a 12 month discount at Hanrob Pet Hotels!

    How it works
    Simply book pet boarding or dog training at Hanrob Pet Hotels and Dog Training Academies and you'll automatically be assigned $200 discovery dollars to spend on travel and lifestyle.

    Is it compulsory?
    No! You'll receive a link in your welcome email on booking a service with Hanrob. To activate your account and $200 you simply need to follow the link, start exploring and spend your $200!

    Am I member for life now?
    Your free membership will last indefinitely but your subscription and $200 Discovery Dollars will expire after 12 months. At this time, you will have the option to renew your subscription. 



    Watch this video to find out more about Discover 365