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Their protection, your peace of mind

Every time your pet stays with us, you and your family
are protected by Hanrob's Pet Health Cover, at no extra cost


  • Pet health cover AT HANROB PET HOTELS

    Both your peace of mind and your pet are priceless. That's why we want you to know that, every time your pet stays with us, you and your family are protected by Hanrob Pet Health Cover. And whilst we will take very special care of your pet during their holiday at Hanrob Pet Hotels, pets can become unwell at any time - just like at home.  As a valued member of the Hanrob Family, we not only take care of your pet, but of you, too, covering any veterinary assistance required during your pet's stay to the value of $500. 


    what is PET HEALTH COVER?

    Every time your pet stays with us at Hanrob Pet Hotels, they benefit from our exclusive Pet Health Cover. This means, should they fall ill during their stay, the cost of their veterinary care will be covered by us, up to $500. 

    Is my pet going to get sick at Hanrob Pet Hotels?

    We all know that pets - just like humans - can become unwell at any time - even on holiday! After all, that's why we all buy holiday insurance. At Hanrob Pet Hotels, we don't want you to worry while you're away. That's why we offer Pet Health Cover, to ensure you know your pet is protected and cared for while you're away. 

    How much does Pet Health Cover cost?

    Nothing. Your cover is included as part of your pet boarding package, just like your pet's accommodation, meals and play time. Pet Health Cover now comes as standard. 

    What does Pet Health Cover include?

    Pet Health Cover will absorb any veterinary fees up to a maximum of $500 for sickness or injury during your pet's holiday at Hanrob Pet Hotels. It will also cover veterinary fees up to a maximum of $100 for sickness during the first two-days post departure, if it is a result of your pet's stay at Hanrob Pet Hotels. Some typical scenarios may include: 

    What if the vet's fees are more than $500?

    If your pet does require veterinary treatment in excess of $500, the vet will contact you directly to discuss your pet’s treatment options and the relevant costs. Any charges associated with your chosen treatment plan, above $500, will then be charged to the encrypted credit card held on file with Hanrob, as agreed to in the pet boarding terms and conditions. We will provide you with a vet tax invoice for the balance so that if you have pet insurance, you can make a claim directly with your provider.

    Please note that if you prefer your pet to be treated by your usual treating vet, we can arrange this, however, as this is not covered under Hanrob Pet Health Cover you will need to pay your vet directly. Hanrob Pet Health Cover is only applicable for consultancy and treatment with Hanrob contracted vets.

    What is post-stay cover?

    Hanrob Pet Health Cover offers you additional peace of mind if your pet shows signs of illness upon going home. If your pet shows signs of either Canine Cough or Diarrhea, take your pet to your own vet, obtain a copy of the vet tax invoice and we will reimburse you to the value of $100 for sickness during the first two-days post departure if a result of your pet's stay at Hanrob Pet Hotels. If you wish to make a post-stay claim, just submit your claim along with supporting documentation using the form on this page . 


    submit a claiM

    As part of our pet health cover, we also cover veterinary costs for certain issues* experienced in the immediate days following your pet's return home, up to $100. If you have incurred a veterinary cost in the two days post-departure, please submit your claim using the simple form below and a member of our team will be in touch to follow up. 

    *Our post-stay cover will cover veterinary fees for canine cough and diarrhea up to $100 in the first two days post-departure. 


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