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    One of our core beliefs at Hanrob Pet Hotels is that a happy pet is a socially active pet. That's why we've developed six doggy daycare centres designed to give your dog a sociable day, every day. Each of our daycare centres has access to grassy offleash areas that your pet gets to enjoy from the moment they arrive. And, watched over by trained pet welfare professionals, you know they're in the safest of hands. Plus, with our on-site dog trainers and groomers on hand, you can take advantage of our services and indulge your pet in relaxing groom or iron out any behavioural concerns with some one-on-one training. So, don't leave your loved one home alone each day - give them a paw-some day, every day, and book them in to day care at Hanrob Pet Hotels!


    dOGGY dAYCARE AT hanrob daycare centres

    Have you ever wondered if your dog is happy? According to Jenn Bennett, dog training manager at Hanrob Pet Hotels, one of the key signs of boredom is destructive behaviour in the home.

    "Excessive chewing and other unwanted behaviour can be a sign of stress and boredom," she explains. "If your dog isn't getting enough stimulation or interaction with other humans and dogs, or if they are suffering from separation anxiety, then your home may suffer. This is one of the reasons doggy daycare is becoming increasingly popular."

    According to Jenn, some dogs simply don't like being alone, which many are during the working week. "Research shows dogs can spend up to half an hour howling after we leave the house and up to several hours pacing up and down," she says. "This is exactly why daycare has become popular - we work longer hours, so it makes sense to offer our dogs some form of socialisation when we're out of the house, rather than leave them to fend for themselves."

    Jenn recommends looking for a daycare that is not only convenient, but which has outdoor, grassy play areas for your dog to enjoy each day, and which matches dogs according to their breed, size and temperment. "Just like Hanrob Doggy Daycare Centres, most daycare centres should asses your dog's behaviour on the first day, before allowing them to interact with the other daycare dogs."

    Doggy Daycare at Hanrob Pet Hotels is designed to give you dog the benefits of socialisation day in, day out. With access to secure, grassy off-leash play areas and plenty of time to make and play with like minded friends, there's no doubt your dog will enjoy their day at daycare. But daycare needs to work for you, too. That's why we offer a variety of membership options - from casual passes that can be used as and when you need, to two, three and five day membership subscriptions, which offer the most competitive rates for those visiting daycare weekly.

    We also understand that your days are already jam packed - without then having to drop off your dog at daycare. We have a number of pick up options, from car pooling to our established pick up and drop off locations, meaning you can focus on your family and getting to work, while we take care of what we do best - pet services.

    BOOK 10 days for the price of five!

    Thanks to our partnership with your holiday booking provider, you can take advantage of two five day casual passes at Hanrob Doggy Daycare Centres for the price of one. That's 10 days daycare for the price of just five! To take advantage of this offer, simply complete the form below and a memer of our team will be in touch to confirm your booking.

    Terms and Conditions: Receive two for one - two five day passes - when you purchase one five day casual doggy daycare pass at one of Hanrob Pet Hotel facilities located in Melbourne, Canberra, Sydney, or Brisbane. Subject to availability.  Exclusion periods apply including Christmas, Easter, Public Holidays and Weekends. Not transferrable, non-refundable or redeemable for cash.  Not to be used in conjunction with any other offer.  Offer is valid for new Hanrob customers (not existing) and cannot to be redeemed more than once. Additional casual passes and memberships are available after the initial session has been enjoyed. To redeem call 1300426762 and quote ICEDAYCARE via the website.