Hanrob Pet Hotels - Sydney, Melbourne - Brisbane & Canberra

  • Easter pet boarding AT HANROB PET HOTELS

    During the Easter weekend we will be operating our receptions at limited hours as we are busy caring for the pets. Please see these changes below and contact method. Please be reassured pets are our priority and if an concerns arise we will contact owners immediately. Thank you and enjoy the Easter Long Weekend.


    FREQUENTLY ASKED questions

    Pet Hotel Receptions Hours
    Closed Good Friday April 10 | Closed Easter Saturday April 11 | Closed Easter Sunday April 12 | Open Easter Monday April 13 between 4pm and 6pm

    How do I contact a pet hotel over the Easter Period?

    To contact a pet hotel when receptions are closed please contact by email or SMS and one of our team will monitor periodically whilst caring for the pets and contact you. Pleae be assured if any issues arise from any pets the owner will be notified immediately.

    Heathcote: SMS: +61 407 164 630 / heathcote@hanrob.com.au

    Melbourne: SMS: +61 447 591 518 / melbourne@hanrob.com.au

    Brisbane: SMS: +61 451 266 323 / brisbane@hanrob.com.au

    Canberra: SMS: +61 428 020 297 / canberra@hanrob.com.au

    Sydney Airport: Temporarily Closed due to COVID 19 pandemic.

    Duffy’s Forest: Temporarily Closed due to COVID 19 pandemic.

    Reservations Hours
    Open Good Friday April 10 between 9am and 4pm| Closed Easter Saturday April 11 | Closed Easter Sunday April 12 | Open Easter Monday April 13 between 9am and 4pm

    How do I contact reservations over the Easter Period?

    If you contact the reservations centre Easter Saturday or Easter Sunday please choose one of the following options and we will respond on Easter Monday

    SMS - +61 488 841 625 / info@hanrob.com.au / book online www.hanrob.com.au 

    How much play time will my pet receive in the package?
    Most dogs staying with us will receive on average two hours play time in our secure, outdoor, grassy play areas, providing them with enough time to exercise and socialise with other dogs. For certain breeds, we are unable to offer social play time. These breeds will instead receive solo daily play time or nature walks during their holiday. Our feline residents also receive daily play time in our cat atriums and interaction with our staff during their stay.

    Can I still book a Staying Connected package for my pet's stay?
    During peak periods we are only able to provide Pet Pics n Play. We are unable to offer pet videos and video calls over Easter. You are able to contact us to enquire how your pet is getting on and we will contact you immediately should we have any concerns. For pets enjoying a Royal Pet Package, you will receive a postcard of their stay to your home address.

    My Pet is arriving by pet shuttle, how do I know they arrived OK?
    Regardless of how your pet arrives, you will receive a text from us when they have settled in. We usually send these the day after your pet has arrived. Please note that this is a change to last time your pet stayed with us, when we may have sent you an email. You can find our direct mobile numbers by clicking here - please add this to your contacts list.

    Is Doggy Daycare open over Easter?
    Doggy Daycare is closed between Good Friday April 10 2020 and Easter Monday April 13 2020. Doggy Daycare reopens on Tuesday April 14.

    I'm going away on the 9th April, do I still need to pay for 6 days?
    Yes. If your stay coincides with the period between April 9 and April 13, there is a 6 day minimum booking period. You can, however, choose to pick your pet up prior to 6 days during open hours.

    Who's looking after my pet if you're closed for three days over Easter?
    Our Pet Hotels are fully staffed across the Easter season. We have limited reception hours so we can concentrate on looking after the pets who are staying with us.

    Will you contact me if you have any concerns with my pet? Even on Public Holidays?
    Yes, absolutely. Your pet's welfare is our number one priority and, just as at any time of year, we will endeavour to contact you immediately should we have any concerns with your pet's welfare.