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Welcome to Pets' Haven Customers

Pets Haven is delighted to partner with Hanrob Dog Training Academy to provide you with a tailored Home Dog Training program to ensure the best possible and postive outcome for your new rescue dog. Hanrob Dog Training Academy has been associated with the Pets Haven Foundation for many years, helping us achieve our vison to rehouse companion pets into our community, where they belong.


  • PETS'  HAVEN EXCLUSIVE - Home dog Training


    Home  dog training is perfect for:

     ONLY $265

    • Problem behaviours specific to the home environment including but not limited to toilet training, barking, digging, jumping up at visitors and anxiety
    • Assistance in preparing your home environment for your new puppy or dog so that transition into their new life is smooth and hassle free
    • Teaching manners at home 
    • Train you to be the trainer of your dog
    • Book now and enjoy peace of mind while your pet receives the ultimate pet care experience

    To learn more or to book simply complete the form on this page, Call 03 9339 2850 or email [email protected]

    Hanrob will donate 10% to Pets' Haven Foundation for every booking made

    Hanrob will donate 10% to Pets' Haven for every booking made