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Short Stay Training

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Our 7-day live-in dog training course is the perfect introduction. Our professional trainers will also accommodate the individual needs of your dog and specific behaviours you would like to be addressed. You can choose from one of three packages designed to suit your needs. 

This course aims to make Walk Time a more pleasant and enjoyable experience for you and your dog by strengthening their obedience. We will improve your dogs’:

  • Lead behaviour
  • Holding of the heel position and
  • Ability to walk past distractions

It’s a real joy to have a dog that is able to socialise and interact well with other pets. This course is perfect for dogs that are shy or need to learn how to play nice! Areas of training include:

  • Excitability management and control around humans (jumping up)
  • Reducing and managing undesirable behaviour around distractions
  • Self-control (sit stay/doorways etc.)

Having your dog respond to your call is essential social behaviour, particularly if you want to let your dog roam freely or play with other dogs.  This course will focus on building this skill with a focus on:

  • Improving recall on short & long lead, in a variety of settings
  • Teaching recall around different levels of distractions
  • Teaching your dog that coming when called is fun

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