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Sydney Airport Pricing

  • Dog Boarding Prices

    We understand that no two pets are the same. That’s why we customise our pricing to suit your pet’s individual needs allowing you to budget for the best experience for your own pet. We recommend you call us on 1300 426 762 so we can gain a greater understanding of you and your pet’s needs.


    classic dog boarding
    Accomodation Type*   Off peakPeak
    Single Room     From $50   From $86
    Shared Room     From $42  From $52
    *Charged per Calendar Day



    • Supervision by trained pet professionals
    • Spacious quarters
    • 2 meals/day of premium dog food (special dietary requirements catered at no extra cost)
    • Access to veterinary care
    • Play time in secure outdoor grassed areas
    • Convenience of being 10 minutes from Sydney Airport 


  • Cat Boarding Prices

    We understand your cat demands the very best of everything, and that’s what we love to provide. At Hanrob, we’ve used our 30 years of experience as dedicated cat lovers to design and develop the ultimate in cat holidays. 


    classic cat boarding
    Accomodation Type*   Off peakPeak




    From $25 

    From $32

    *Charged per Calendar Day



    • Supervision by trained pet professionals
    • Air Conditioned and secure premium cat condo
    • Plenty of natural light
    • 1 meal/day of premium wet & dry food (special dietary requirements catered at no extra cost)
    • Access to veterinary care
    • A fully secure cat condo with indoor feline fun available 



  • Aged Care Dogs & Cats

    All our pet guests over 11 years receive that extra special care and attention you are looking for at Aged Care boarding facilities. We go the extra mile to make sure they are relaxed and have easy access to all amenities. Our pricing is inclusive of administering medicine and special dietary and feeding procedures should you require.  Rest Assured our team are the specialists with over 35 years in the business looking after the 11+ year old pet.  We will ensure your pet is checked regularly and ensure they are happy by providing a quiet, comfortable and peaceful environment. 


    aged care dog boarding
    Accomodation Type*  Off peakPeak
    Single Room    

    From $56

     From $92
    Shared Room     From $48  From $58
    *Charged per Calendar Day


    aged care cat boarding
    Accomodation Type*  Off peakPeak
    Single Room    

    From $31

     From $38
    *Charged per Calendar Day



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  • Doggy Daycare

    Is your dog left alone at home all day? Are you worried about your dog suffering from anxiety; being bored; escaping; becoming unwell, causing damage to property; or being a nuisance to neighbours? Maybe you’re worried about all of the above.


    doggy daycare
    Type   Price

    Casual per day



    VIP Member (3 months +)*





    Casual 5 pass    


    Casual 10 Pass       $350
    *Charged per Calendar Day



    *VIP member must be Pet Lovers Choice loyalty member and set up 3 months Doggy Day Care via a direct debit

    Pet Shuttle service- Heathcote Mascot Duffys and Melbourne

    Partners – Complimentary pet shuttle service

    Pick up Drop off service from $55


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  • Unique Pet Experiences

    Everybody knows that all dogs (and their owners) are different, but unlike some of our competitors, we truly understand how to cater for each. That’s why we’ve developed a range of supervised activity choices on top of their boarding package so your dog will enjoy their stay, whatever their idea of a good time!


    unique pet experiences (Dogs)
    Type   Price

    Platinum Paw





    Golden Paw    


    Silver Paw       $12



    unique pet experiences single service
    Type    Price

    Dog Playtime session





    Dog Walk        $16
    Cat Playtime Session       $11
    Cat interactive feline fun – 1 hour       $15




    pet pics & play

    pet pics

    Five photos of your family member sent to your email for peace of mind that they’re being well looked after! Price: $17

    pet video

    PET VIDEOReceive videos of your pet sent to your email so you can see that they are enjoying themselves. Price $22

    pet skype

    PET SKYPEJump online for a 10 minute catch up with your pet! Pet Skype now available. Price $22

    Bundle & SAVE!

    Book our bundle package & SAVE! Book all three of our staying connected plans for your pet for just $55


    Staying connected options are charged per session, separate services can be booked on individual days. Bundle package must be booked on same day.


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    • Constant supervision by trained pet professionals
    • Plenty of natural light and air
    • Premium wet & dry food
    • special dietary requirements catered at no extra cost
    • Access to veterinary care
    • Secure grassed yards
    • Interactive play