Their protection. Your peace of mind

Pet boarding at Hanrob Pet Hotels now comes with Pet Health Cover as standard,
for their protection and your ultimate peace of mind

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Pet Health Cover As Standard

Every time your pet stays with us, you and your family
are protected by Hanrob Pet Health Cover at no extra cost.

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  • pet health cover AT HANROB PET HOTELS

    Pet Health Cover at Hanrob Pet Hotels launched on December 1 2017. All bookings made on or after December 1 2017 receive Pet Health Cover as part of their standard booking. 

    We understand that those who made their booking prior to this time may want the opportunity to add Pet Health Cover to their booking. You are able to do this by calling 1300 426 762 or by completing the form on this page. 



    Is my pet going to get sick at Hanrob Pet Hotels?

    We all know that pets - just like humans - can get sick at any time - even on holiday! After all, that's why we all buy holiday insurance. At Hanrob Pet Hotels, we don't want you to worry while you're away. That's why we offer Pet Health Cover, to ensure you know your pet is protected and cared for while you're away. 

    How much does Pet Health Cover cost?

    Nothing. Your cover is included as part of your pet boarding package, just like your pet's accommodation, meals and play time. Pet Health Cover now comes as standard. 

    I have an existing booking with Hanrob Pet Hotels. Am I covered?

    Pet Health Cover was launched on December 1 2017. Bookings made prior to this date do not include Pet Health Cover. All bookings made on or after December 1 2017 include Pet Health Cover as standard. 

    Can I add Pet Health Cover to my existing booking?

    If you made a booking prior to December 1 2017 and want to add Pet Health Cover to your booking, you can do so by calling 1300 426762 or by completing the form on this page. An extra charge of $1.50 per day will be added to your booking. E.g for a seven day stay there will be a $10.50 charge. You will then be eligible for all the benefits of Pet Health Cover. 

    For more information on Pet Health cover, please click here

    add pet health cover to my booking

    If you have a booking made prior to December 1 2017, your booking does not include Pet Health Cover. To add it to your booking, please complete the form below and we will add a charge of $1.50 per day to your existing booking, as per our Terms and Conditions.


    For full terms and conditions please click here