We're sometimes asked why, as a pet owner and lover, you should choose professional pet boarding over pet sitting services. Our recommendation is to always put the welfare of your pet first and trust your pet care needs to professionals when you have to travel. Here are a few reasons why:

Beware Back Yard Boarders:

The pet boarding industry in Australia has high standards to meet and maintain and professional boarding services and pet resorts such as Hanrob Pet Hotels are fully licensed, registered and insured - putting the welfare of animals first. On the other hand, the operation of an overnight pet care business from a minder’s home is usually unregistered, unlicensed and uninsured and does not have in place the animal welfare factors - such as vaccination requirements, hygiene management and pet interaction management - required to place animal welfare first.

For more detailed information from the Pet Industry Association Australia, including the risks posed to your pet by Pet Minding and In Home Boarding services click here

Pet sitters are not necessarily trained and qualified: 

As a Registered Training Organisation (RTO 70236), all our staff are trained and qualified in companion animal  handling, and many of our staff are furthering their training to  progress their careers. On the other hand, any one can be a pet sitter,  and may lack important animal handling and first aid skills.

Pets need social interaction when you're away: 

If you're engaging a pet sitter to visit your home, the amount of  interaction your pet will receive during your time away is minimal. At  Hanrob Pet Hotels, your pets will interact with humans and other pets  throughout their day - and even make new friends.

You need to know your pet is secure:

Our facilities, play areas and pet taxis are safe and secure.

Additional On-Site Enrichment and Training Services:

To support your pet’s wellbeing during their stay, many professional pet boarding organisations, including Hanrob Pet Hotels, have on-site enrichment and dog training services - allowing your pet to enjoy training, nature walks, socialisation and more while you’re away.

Access to Emergency Services:

No one wants to think about emergencies, but what happens if your pet has an accident while you’re away? With constant supervision, 24-hour access to veterinary care, and a pet welfare team trained to recognise common health issues and administer first aid, professional pet boarding puts your pet’s wellbeing first. 

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact a member of our Pet Happiness Team on 1300 426 762. We also invite you to enquire about our professional pet boarding online.