Mia, Molly and Tyson spend their days at Hanrob Pet Hotels Brisbane

We all know the saying, a dog is a man’s best friend, but throw in some excessive barking, soggy carpets, chewed-up-trouser legs and unplanned tunnels in the garden and the relationship may be wearing thin. The good news for Melbourne residents is these and other common problem doggy-behaviours can all be addressed and you can look forward to a better relationship with your dog through basic obedience training.

Located close to Melbourne’s Tullamarine Airport, Hanrob Pet Hotels is home to Hanrob Dog Training Academy, which offers a range of dog training services to Melbourne dog owners, all designed to offer one thing: results that last a lifetime.

“It’s so important for dog owners to set a foundation in obedience as early-on in their relationship as possible,” says Tina Button, who heads up the Dog Training Academy at Hanrob Pet Hotels Melbourne. “The trouble is, most dog owners aren’t equipped with the expert dog training knowledge they need to reinforce positive behaviour and eliminate ‘bad’ behaviour – that’s why dog training is recommended for most new dog owners. At Hanrob, we’ve been able to take our years of industry experience and create a series of dog training courses that work for both the dog and the owner.”

In fact, it’s this belief that training is as much about educating the dog owner as the dog that has made dog training at Hanrob Dog Training Academy so successful.

As well as group and home dog training classes, Hanrob offer residential courses, where your dog stays at Hanrob Pet Hotels for one or two weeks. During this time, they have a dedicated dog trainer, tasked with addressing any problem behaviours and teaching positive behaviour.

“But for the results to last a lifetime, it’s so important the dog training continues at home,” explains Tina. “That’s why we spend a significant amount of time educating the dog owner during a departure lesson and provide all owners with a take home training manual at the end of each course.”

Recently named as finalists in the 2017 Telstra Business Awards, family owned and run Hanrob Pet Hotels have been serving Australian families and their pets for the past 35 years. As well as expert dog training, Hanrob offer pet accommodation for both dogs and cats, with luxury suites and free pick up available around Melbourne. They also now offer Doggy Daycare and Active PAW canine exercise classes.

Hanrob Dog Training Academy Services are available in Melbourne, Brisbane and Sydney.