Book dog training at Hanrob Pet Hotels these school holidays

For many dog owners, investing in dog training can be the difference between a difficult relationship and one that serves as a lifelong friendship. And whilst it pays to seek out dog training at an early age, problem behaviours can be vastly improved by dog training experts at any time.

At just seven-months of age, Daisy’s owner decided to trust her early obedience training to Hanrob Dog Training Academy, located at Hanrob Pet Hotels Brisbane.

“I wanted Daisy to learn some basic manners … sit, stay, wait and come to the call,” she says. “She is a lovely puppy with lots of exuberance for life. She came out with all those things learnt and even will stay seated when I opened the door until called to come out. Not too bad for a 7 month old puppy!”

Thanks to their on-site pet accommodation, Hanrob Pet Hotels in Sydney, Brisbane and Melbourne is uniquely positioned to offer residential dog training services. With Daisy’s owner due to travel, she took advantage of the short stay training course, and booked Daisy in for dog training during her holiday.

“I had already booked Daisy in to stay at Hanrob Pet Hotels whilst I was away on holidays and then saw that they offered dog training so I thought this would be good for Daisy as it would give her extra time, one-on-one learning, with a trained person as well as the play time with other dogs,” says Daisy’s owner. “ It was just a win win for me!!”

Of course, whilst it may have been easy for Daisy to pick up on good habits during her one-on-one time with her trainer, Sacha, it was just as important for the training to continue at home.

“Sacha gave me some easy tips to follow once I got home and Daisy seemed to remember them easily,” says Daisy’s owner. “I have tried to keep the training going at home and feel I have the tools I need to build on the results that were achieved during Daisy’s training at Hanrob.”

For Daisy’s owner, the option to enrol Daisy in dog training whilst she was away on holidays was extremely convenient.

“Dog training is so important, but as with all good intentions it is hard to find the time to train your dog,” she says. “In all honesty, for me it was easier to get back a relaxed, happy puppy that I could then keep going with … Sacha did the hard yards. I received back a very manageable puppy without too many rules to follow!”

Hanrob Dog Training Academy Services are available in Melbourne, Brisbane and Sydney. To make an enquiry click here