Children and puppies are lovely, but it’s important to teach them how to properly interact with each other to ensure the safety and happiness for all. Bringing home a puppy to your family for the first time is such a delightful experience, signifying the first of many years of fun, laughter and love together.

Children and puppies

Children love puppies and it’s important that your new puppy grows up enjoying time with your child, too.  Remember that your child will have to be trained on how to treat your puppy properly, so plan on spending lots of time training them together.  Your puppy will be with you for a long time, so spending the time training them now will help to avoid unwanted behavior in the future. Well-trained dogs are a joy to be around!

Essentials for play time

The most essential thing for your child to remember is to be kind to their pets and treat them with the same respect they’d give a human.  This will help discourage your child from behaviour and actions that may antagonise your puppy, such as stealing your puppy’s toys, disturbing your puppy while they are sleeping or handling your puppy too roughly.

Puppies are fragile and can suffer serious injuries if dropped from height or played with too roughly. To avoid injury to your puppy, your child should sit on the ground to play with them. Once your child understand that they should be kind to their pet, demonstrate activities or games related to your puppy’s training, such as fetch or hide-n-seek. While this is good for your pup, it also teaches your child how puppies learn and how to handle dogs.

Encourage lots of interaction

You should ensure that your puppy has lots of positive associations with your child. Teach your child to regularly give food rewards for your puppy’s calm, polite behavior, such as sitting or coming when called.

Even if your child is generally well-behaved and your dog is very tolerant, it’s essential for all interactions to be supervised. Accidents can happen in a split second with children and puppies.

The key is to teach both your puppy and child to be kind to one another.  Make sure your child interacts with your puppy the same way you want them to interact with you. Follow these simple tips and you’ll have a safe and happy home for your puppy and family.

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