3 reasons to book puppy lessons for your new pup!

Bringing home a new puppy is one of the most exciting experiences for you and your family. There's nothing quite like it. But fast forward a few weeks and, what was a cute and fluffy bundle of joy has quickly become your family's number one challenge, with accidents galore and chewed up shoes, carpets and more. 

As a responsible pet owner, it's up to you to introduce training to your dog. At Hanrob Pet Hotels we regularly tell our customers that a happy dog is a well trained, social dog. Why? Because they require fewer restrictions in life and are allowed more freedom when it comes to interacting with other dogs, humans, and environments. 

It's never too early to introduce training to your dog, and at Hanrob Pet Hotels we recommend all new dog owners book in a private puppy lesson, customised to your family and your gorgeous new puppy. Here are just three of the benefits: 


It's important your puppy learns to interact with other dogs from a young age. Engaging with a variety of dogs builds a tremendous foundation that will be beneficial for them throughout their life. These positive interactions become crucial to your puppy as they learn the correct behaviour when interacting with others. Thanks to our on-site boarding kennels and secure, off-leash areas, we are uniquely positioned to teach you how to introduce your puppy to new friends, so they can go on to get to know and play with dogs of all breeds and sizes. We'll help you teach your puppy how to read other dogs’ body language, helping them to distinguish the difference between play and other communication.

Good Behaviour
Most of us know that dog training is essential for good behaviour or 'obedience', but not all of us have the knowledge or skills to successfully teach our dogs obedience from a young age. Puppy lessons are designed to equip you with the confidence you need to enforce obedience in your home and when you're out and about, right from the word go. We'll show you how to teach and encourage positive behaviours such as how to walk on a leash, and commands such as 'sit' and 'stay'. Learning how to introduce these behaviours at such ane early stage will help your relationship with your puppy throughout its life, and minimise the likelihood of your puppy developing undesired behaviour.

Bonding time
Having a one-on-one lesson with an experienced dog trainer, dedicated to just you and your pup is a great way to form an unbreakable bond from the beginning! You'll get to learn about the nuances unique to your puppy's breed, and have time to learn more about your puppy’s personality and build the foundations for a lifelong relationship. You'll also learn how positive reinforcement will encourage your puppy to react positively towards you, and your new found confidence will equally allow your puppy to feel confident in the behaviour you desire from them.

Puppy lessons are just the start of your dog training journey, which may involve regular group obedience classes as your puppy grows older, or home dog training for issues that arise in and around your home environment. One this is for sure, however, that if you begin your journey with confidence and knowledge, your pup will be in the very best of hands. 

If you're unsure of your dog training needs, we invite you to complete a free online dog training assessment or call 1300 426 762 to speak to our expert consultants.