Have you ever wondered what pets get up to at Hanrob Pet Hotels while their owners are away? Maybe you've booked your pet in for their first holiday at Hanrob and are unsure what to expect; maybe you're still wondering whether boarding is the right option for you and your pet and want to know what they'll get up to while in our care. Wonder no longer as here, we take you through a day in the life of the pets staying at Hanrob Pet Hotels from check in, right through to bed time routine!

Check In and Arrivals

We have a network of more than 180 Check In Centres around Australia, so many of you will be planning to drop your pet at your local veterinary centre, rather than at our Hotel Reception. If this is the case, after your fond farewells, your pet will be held by your vet for a short time until our Pet Taxi drivers arrive to collect your pet. We have everything we need to ensure your pet is comfortable during their stay, but it's a good idea to leave your pet with a favourite blanket or toy, especially if it's their first time away from you. These will be returned to you on check out.

Your pet and their belongings will then be transferred into our custom fitted, air conditioned Pet Taxi, which will then take them safely and securely to their Pet Hotel, usually only a short drive away. Here, your pet will be welcomed by our Pet Welfare staff, who will weigh and check your pet, completing and signing a record of their findings, before being settled into their accommodation.

If dropping your pet directly to our Hotel Receptions, you'll get to meet our fur-iendly reception team, who will allow you plenty of time to say goodbye to your pet, before they are taken to meet our welfare team, weighed, checked and settled in to their accommodation.

Once your pet has settled in, you'll receive a text message letting you know how your pet is getting on and reassuring you they've settled in well.

Daily Routine

The days start early at Hanrob Pet Hotels, but we don't mind. In fact, according to Sydney Airport Hotel Manager, Jess Danes, this is the best part of her day.

"The dogs are always so happy to see me after their sleep. They all do full body wags and I'm sure they smile at me!"

If any residents require medication, this is administered first, before our pet welfare team go on to prepare the breakfast meals, starting with any pets requiring special feeds and diets. "Most of the dogs get really excited around feed time and this is when the barking can start!" says Jess.

Once all dogs and cats have been fed, pets are allowed to digest their meals before begginning the daily checks.

"We call them nose to toe checks," explains Jess. "After this we start our weighing program, weighing all the pets to ensure no one is gaining or losing weight."

This is when the fun begins, with play time taking place whilst all accommodation is cleaned.

"All of our play sessions are supervised by one of our team and often we play ball,  fetch, tickle or sometimes even tackle. But most days I find the staff sitting on the grass with a pile of dogs on top of them! While they are playing we have other members of the team inside cleaning the kennels."

Of course, play time isn't just for dogs, and our feline residents will also enjoy time to stretch and play whilst their accommodation is being cleaned.

After play time, all pets get to enjoy a well earned rest (which is when our pet welfare staff usually refuel themselves!).

Grooming takes place throughout the day and in the early afternoon dogs will again enjoy exercise or walk time before their afternoon feed. It's then time for our team to prepare for the evening, placing blankets and beds so the pets are comfortable for the night.

"Our team complete their final checks by 8pm, making sure everyone is comfy and if anyone is holding on to the toilet they let them out for a quick break," says Jess. "They then tuck any softies in ready for bed!"

Extra time for fun and learning

Of course, this only describes the standard day at Hanrob Pet Hotels. One of the reasons Australian pet owners prefer Hanrob for their pet boarding is because of the ability to build a package that truly reflects their pet's needs.

Some breeds and individual dogs enjoy - even need - more outdoor time to exercise than others. Other breeds crave social interaction with other humans and play mates. Some dogs need, or may benefit from training, whilst others enjoy a solo walk twice a day. So, if you've booked additional walk, groom or play time for your dog - booking them in for the Social Pet Package for example, or by upgrading to Gold Paw  - your dog will be taken to enjoy their extra activities during the course of each day.

Dogs booked in for dog training will be taken for their lessons with their trainer during the day, and you'll receive updates on their progress during their stay. Cats, too, can be booked in for extra play time, and can get to enjoy our grassy atrium* for hours at a time.

Departure Time

When it's time to say goodbye, your pet will again be weighed before being reunited with you at our Hotel Reception. This is obviously a sad time for us - but we love watching the happy reunions!

You'll receive a report card detailing highlights of your pet's stay, and our doggy residents will be sent home with a gorgeous bandanna as a keepsake - we hope Blue is their colour!

For those departing via Pet Taxi, your pet will be collected from our Pet Hotel by our Pet Taxi driver in the morning, and taken along with their report card to their departure point, where they will be held until you collect them. You'll receive a text message from our team letting you know when they're ready for collection.

Ultimately, and we hope you agree, everyone at Hanrob looks after the pets who stay with us as if our own.

"Every one of my team realises how lucky we are to be able to care for these pets while their owners are away, and we take their health, welfare and enjoyment extremely seriously," says Jess. "It's so rewarding to give peace of mind to their owners so they can enjoy their trip without worrying about their pet."

*The cat atrium shown is located at Hanrob Pet Hotels Heathcote