We've made some important changes to our site - changes that we hope will make it easier for you to learn about our professional pet care services; see inside our pet hotels, daycare centres and dog training academies; and that will help you book and pay for your pet boarding at a time that suits you.

To help you get to know our new site, we've provided a summary of the changes below, including a step by step guide to booking online!

1. Discover our most popular packages!

Discover our most popular packages

One thing our customers love about Hanrob Pet Hotels is the ability to customise their pet boarding to suit their pet. After all, no two pets are the same! And while you can still design and book your own customised package via the website, adding extra walks, play time, exercise classes to your pet's accommodation - now you can also opt to book one of our most popular pet packages - just choose your package and check out! No hidden extras, nothing more to pay, just the perfect package for your pet.

We have five different packages available, which have been based on the most popular pet boarding options our customers choose. You'll find a Social Pet Package, which is designed for a socially active dog, and includes the most outdoor social play time with other doggy play mates of all our packages, as well as companion boarding to ensure your dog always has company while you're away. You'll also find our Independent Pet Package, which is designed for dogs who prefer their one-on-one time, and includes daily walks with our pet welfare team around our expansive grounds. Our Studious Pet Package is for dog's who love to learn new tricks, and includes daily one-on-one lessons with our expert dog training educators, as well as pet boarding - it's perfect for those wanting to enforce some new behaviours when they have to travel. Of course, our cats have their own package. The Feline Fun package includes daily play time in our cat play areas, with lots of time to stretch out and interact with our staff and, for pets due a treat, you can opt for our Royal Pet Package, which includes accommodation in our Luxury Suites! To book a Package, just click here.

2. Book online and save 5%!

The biggest change to our website is the ability to select your service and pay online. You no longer need to wait to speak to a reservations consultant and, while you can still do this by calling 1300 426 762 between 7am and 6pm, you are able to book your pet boarding, dog training or doggy daycare at a time and place that suits you, whether that's 5 in the morning or 9 and night.

You'll notice that when you check out online, you save 5% on the cost of your boarding. It's just another benefit of booking online! 

3. Save your quote!

Of course, you'll want to do your research before booking your pet boarding. We understand. And we encourage you to visit our pet hotels, daycare centres and training academies prior to using our services or speak to a member of our team to ensure we've answered all of your questions, either via live chat or by calling 1300 426 762. For that reason, you can save your quote if you're not quite ready to buy. Simply opt to 'Save Quote and Request A Call Back' instead of checking out, and we'll email your quote to you for use later on. Too easy!

4. How to book online

Booking online couldn't be easier. Simply choose your service - cat boarding; dog boarding; dog training; doggy daycare; or our packages - and select your location. You'll then see the products and services available in your chosen region.

To book, you'll need to tell us your pet's name and breed, and whether they're over 11 years of age. You can choose your check in and check out date, and whether you'll drop your pet at our Hotel or at one of our many CheckIn Centres. You'll then get to see how much this costs, and have the choice to book online or save your quote.

If you go on to book, you'll save 5% off the total cost of booking. You pay via our secure payment portal, and will immediately receive a booking confirmation and invoice from eway.

Within 24 hours, you'll also then receive an email from us outlining some important information prior to your pet's arrival. This includes everything you need to know before you arrive including the submission of your pet's vaccination records and contact details. If you have any questions at any time you can call our reservations team on 1300 426 762 and quote your booking reference, which you'll find in your booking confirmation.

We hope that you enjoy these changes, and find it easier than ever before to book your professional pet services with Hanrob.