Photo: @frankie.the.sausage

You'll know them when you see them - they're cute, well accessorised and pretty perfect at posing for pup-pics... that's right, they're the pupfluencers made famous on instagram. Or, more accurately, made famous by their social-media savvy owners, posting pics of their pets to their thousands of followers each and every day.

Here, we take a look at five of our favourite instafamous accounts for pet lovers.

Frankie The Mini Daschund

When you combine a Miniature Daschund with a keen eye for photography, the result is a beautiful stream of photographs. But don't take our word for it, nearly 24,000 people agree. Based in Brisbane, Frankie can frequently be found sporting the latest pet accessories (mainly in pink) and lounging on luxurious soft furnishings. 

Willow The Cavoodle

Willow is leading the way in Australia when it comes to profiting from your pet. A model for both Coco and Pud and Pawsome Pooch Designs, Willow has just shy of 12,000 followers and is just as comfortable sporting a beautiful bandana as she is a bunny dress up outit. Follow for videos, discounts and general cuteness! 

Toby Wigglebottom

Photo: @tobywigglebottom

Curated by dog-Mum Helena, what started out as a dog-blog has slowly morphed into an online shopping outlet for Toby's (very pretty) Kneckerchiefs (as well as his human-siblings' dribble bibs). With one of the largest followings for any Australian Pooch (Toby has over 20,000 followers to date), Helena posts photos of Toby as well as interesting and funny blog posts about Toby and their family. 

Tonka The Concreter

When it comes to humour, hands down one of our favourite insta-famous pups is Tonka The Concreter. Pics of Tonka are paired with hilarious captions, showcasing Tonka's life on the road. Having been a full time concreter for the past seven years, so popular is Tonka's account that you can now purchase merchandise to show your support - including stubby holders, t shirts and bottle openers! 

Boop My Nose

What's better than an instagram account with one star? One with thousands of stars! Boop My Nose showcases close ups of dog's, cat's ... even cow's wet noses. And with over 300,000 followers, we clearly like what they're doing! You can tag your own nose-ups with #boopmynose for the chance to be featured. 

Which pets do you follow on instagram? Did we miss out your favourite? Share your top tips in the comments below!