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Book doggy daycare before the end of November and not only will you save 50%
but we'll give your dog a free 30-minute training lesson, too.


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    Ever wondered what your dog gets up to when you're not home? Well, according to the latest research, some dogs can spend up to two hours pacing the corridors, pining for your return. Is it any wonder doggy daycare has become so popular!? This November is the perfect time to try out our fun and social daycare centres and ensure your dog is interacting with other dogs and humans all day long. Simply book doggy daycare this month and we'll give you 50% off your first session, as well as a free 30 minute dog training lesson with our on-site dog trainer. Read on to find out more and book!



    Book daycare at Hanrob Pet Hotels

    The right choice for your dog

    Hanrob Pet Hotels is uniquely positioned to offer a wonderful daycare experience for your dog. As well as our indoor daycare centres, which are fully equipped with secure, pup-approved play areas and watched over by our trained staff, we have grassy outdoor areas for your dogs to play in and explore during the day. We also have on-site dog trainers and grooming centres to ensure we can offer a complete range of pet services whilst your dog is on-site.

    During a standard day at Daycare, your dog will interact with our staff, enjoy tasty treats and get to practice their all important socialisation skills with other dogs. With locations in Brisbane, Canberra, Melbourne and Sydney (Heathcote, Duffys Forest and Airport), and a fast and friendly check in process, we offer a doggy daycare service that works for you and your dog.

    There's never been a better time to book doggy daycare with 50% off this month.

    This month, we're offering 50% off your first visit to doggy daycare, and even throwing in a free 30 minute dog training session for your pup while they're here. Simply book before the end of November by calling 1300 426 762 or completing the booking form on this page.

    book now and save 50%

    Book daycare at Hanrob Pet Hotels

    To save 50% on your doggy daycare, complete the form below and a member of our team will be in touch to confirm your booking. Alternatively, call 1300 426 762 to speak to a member of our (human!) team.

    Terms and Conditions: Book Doggy Daycare and receive 50% off your first visit at Hanrob Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane or Canberra. Offer includes one day at our daycare centre with play, exercise, tasty treats, and a 30 minute lesson with a Dog Trainer! Prices start from $42.00 inclusive of discount for all locations, except Sydney Airport. Sydney Airport excludes training and is $27.50 inclusive of the discount. Booking are essential and are subject to availability. Your dog must be a minimum of 5 months old to attend daycare and fully vaccinated (dog C5). All dogs will be assessed by Hanrob for suitability for day care. For any dog assessed not to be suitable for day care, a refund of unused day care session will be paid by Hanrob to the client. Hanrob reserves the right to refuse entry to any animal. Offer valid until 30th November 2018..