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Each of our Dog Training Academies offers our full suite of dog training services,
including stay and train courses and one-on-one lessons.


Hanrob Dog Training Academy

Regardless of the outcomes you're looking for, finding a trusted dog trainer is crucial to the success of any dog training, and to your ongoing relationship with your dog. As experts in companion animal education, our Dog Training Academies are managed by master dog trainers, with many years experience, who themselves are proud to train the next generation of dog trainers.

Our Dog Training Academies are located adjacent to our purpose-built pet hotels. That means that, unlike other dog training centres or organisations, we also offer short and longer-stay residential courses where your dog will receive one-on-one attention from their dedicated dog trainer throughout their stay at our Academy. For problem behaviours that are focused in your home environment, our dog trainers will travel to your home for training or behavioural consultations. 

Don't forget, we can tailor our courses to suit your pet and, if you're not sure which course is right for you, then we're here to help. Simply call 1300 426 762 to speak to a member of our expert bookings team, or complete our dog training enquiry form and we'll contact you to discuss your unique requirements.



        • Hanrob Dog Training Academy Heathcote

          Hanrob Dog Training Academy Heathcote is our largest and longest-serving Training Academy. Opened in 1994 on the site of our popular Pet Hotel, it is located in Sydney's South, and serves thousands of dog owners each year, looking to improve the behaviour of their dog and take advantage of our educators'expertise, who also work to teach a new generation of pet professionals.


        • the original HANROB dog training academy

          Opened in 1994 on the site of our popular south Sydney Pet Hotel, Hanrob Dog Training Academy Heathcote is located on 10 acres of grounds bordering the Royal National Park in Sydney’s South. With expansive grassy play areas and numerous secure outdoor yards, it is perfectly situated to provide your dog with a safe environment to learn new skills and build on existing behaviours.

          Like all of our Dog Training Academies, Hanrob Dog Training Academy Heathcote offers our seven and 18 day intensive training courses, as well as puppy lessons, group obedience training, FitPaws exercise classes and home dog training. Also home to a renowned education centre, our Heathcote Dog Training Academy is staffed by expert dog trainers, responsible for training a new generation of dog trainers and educating those who come into contact with companion animals through their work.


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          Each of our Dog Training Academies is home to a wonderful team of pet-loving professionals. Since 2017, Hanrob Pet Hotels Heathcote and its on-site Dog Training Academy and Doggy Daycare Centre has been led by pet services professional,  John McGann. Heading up our largest team of pet services staff, John is both loved and trusted by our customers to deliver the very best pet care in Sydney's South.

          You are invited to visit Hanrob Dog Training Academy Heathcote for a site tour and meet the team at any time during open hours and we look forward to introducing ourselves and learning more about you and your four-legged family.



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