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With access to grassy outdoor play areas and with plenty of time to make friends
with other doggy playmates, daycare at Hanrob is designed for happier dogs.

Designed for happier dogs

With access to grassy outdoor play areas and with plenty of time to make friends
with other doggy playmates, daycare at Hanrob is designed for happier dogs.


Hanrob Doggy Daycare Centre

Choosing a doggy daycare centre for your loved one is an important decision. You want to ensure your dog will be well cared for primarily, whilst also finding a daycare that is convenient to you and your morning routine. Our Daycare Centres are designed to provide your dog with the very best care during your working day. With unlimited access to grassy outdoor play areas, allowing them to not only exercise but also socialise with other doggy play mates, Doggy Daycare at Hanrob Pet Hotels is designed to give you dog the benefits of socialisation day in, day out, and is managed exclusively by trained pet welfare professionals.

Our Doggy Daycare Centres are located in thriving communities, and serve the local area with a regular pick up. We can collect from your home, or you can drop your dog either directly to our Daycare Centre or to one of our CheckIn Centres at a certain time each day. We'll deliver your dog to your secure back yard later in the day,
after a full day of play! You can find out more about doggy daycare at Hanrob Doggy Daycare centres by clicking here, or take a look inside the centres using the links below. Book online or call
1300 426 762 to find out more! 


        • Hanrob Doggy Daycare Centre Canberra

          Located in Symonston's Mugga Lane, Hanrob Doggy Daycare Centre Canberra is one of the regions busiest doggy daycare centres.



          Thanks to our professional service and convenient location, we think Hanrob Doggy Daycare Centre Canberra must be one of the busiest daycare centres in the ACT! So much so we're currently having a brand new daycare area built for our daily residents!

          Your dog will receive heaps of social play time with other doggy playmates at Hanrob Doggy Daycare Centre Canberra, where we match up dogs in terms of temperament, breed, size and age, in order to ensure a fun filled day for everyone! As well as time to play and socialise, your dog will receive plenty of loving attention from our professionally trained staff, who are always on hand to watch over the dogs and manage the busy check in and check out times!

          Thanks to our on-site dog training academy and pet hotel, you can also choose to enrol your dog in grooming or training during their day - it's a convenient way to encourage good behaviour and erradicate problem behaviour while you're at work.

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          Each of our Hotels is home to a wonderful team of pet-loving professionals. Led by Colin Bates, Hanrob Pet Hotels Canberra benefits from some of the most experienced pet services staff in the region, each of whom is trained in pet welfare. With a thriving Doggy Daycare Centre and recently opened Dog Training Academy on site, Coline oversees an experienced team, including professional pet welfare staff and experienced dog trainers.

          You are invited to visit Hanrob Pet Hotels Canberra for a site tour and meet the team at any time during open hours and we look forward to introducing ourselves and learning more about you and your four-legged family.



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