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Group Obedience Training!

Learning in a group is a great way for your dog to learn obedience and socialise with
other dogs. Join your local Group Obedience Training, held weekly
at your local Hanrob Dog Training Academy!



      • Group Obedience Training at Hanrob Dog Training Academy

        Learning as part of a group is not only fun for both you and your dog, it's a great way to encourage socialisation and keep on top of problem behaviours thanks to regular lessons and is the perfect follow up to puppy pre-school! Held weekly, on-site at our Dog Training Academies, our group classes are perfect for those wanting to develop their dog's social skills and have a little fun in the process! Each term lasts nine weeks and you can join at any time, but places are limited, so call 1300 426 762 to book or complete the enquiry form below!

        Continue your commitment to your dog's training and education in a fun environment and come along to our group obedience classes. For dogs of all ages and abilities this is the perfect way to ensure you stay on top of your dog's training!




        Our group classes are designed for dogs of all ages and abilities, and are a great way to build on your dog's early training at Puppy Pre-School. Whether they're a beginner or at a more advanced stage in their training, your dog will learn something new and have a great time meeting and socialising with other breeds and people.

        Each class will focus on a different area of learning and, by the end of the term, you will have spent time reinforcing basic manners such as sit, stay and walking on the loose lead, with different levels of distraction introduced as your dog progresses.

        Group classes are currently being held at Hanrob Pet Hotels Sydney (Heathcote, and Duffys Forest) and Brisbane. Places are limited so to reserve your spot please call 1300 426 762 or complete the form below.


        FAQs and LOCATIONS

        ⭐ Classes run for 45 minutes with a five minute break in the middle for your dog to rest and rehydrate

        ⭐ You are asked to arrive 15 minutes early to check in and ensure you're available for class.

        ⭐ Classes are held at the following locations and times:

        - Hanrob Pet Hotels Heathcote - Saturdays at 8.45 am (please arrive at 8.30am)
        1800 Princes Highway, Heathcote, 2233

        - Hanrob Pet Hotels Duffys Forest - Saturdays at 3.00 pm (please arrive at 2.45 pm).
        1 Bibbenluke Avenue, Duffys Forest, NSW

        - Hanrob Pet Hotels Brisbane - Tuesdays at 5.00 pm (please arrive at 4.45 pm)
        69 Backhouse Place, Eagle Farm, Brisbane

        ⭐ Classes are $25 per session and run during the school term (next terms starts July 20). You can pay casually by the lesson (total cost for the term $225) or, if booking for the term, receive one week FREE (total cost for the term $200).

        ⭐ All breeds and abilities welcome from the age of 18 weeks, so long as they are friendly, sociable dogs and fully vaccinated.


      • Recommended - Stay n' Train

        Maybe your dog spends all day barking at your neighbours, or has a fear of other dogs or people. Maybe they pull on the lead, or forget to listen to even the most basic commands. Whatever their issue, we have the in-house expertise to provide proven and lasting results for your dog. The result? A happier dog, and a happier you. Stay n' Train is an effective and proven means of addressing your dog's individual issues in a relatively short space of time, with daily lessons allowing our trainers to reinforce your dog's new behaviours. We also offer lasting support to you, the dog owner. As well as on-site accommodation and training for 10, 20 or 30 days, you'll receive an extensive departure lesson with our trainers, follow-up training and complementary online access to our dog training support videos.


      • Stay n'train

        Learn to come when called

        This 10-day dog training course is recommended for dogs who may be facing issues in a single behavioural area, such as pulling on the lead, teaching basic commands such as 'sit', 'stay' and 'drop', or for improving confidence around people or other dogs.

        The duration of the stay is sufficient for our trainers to achieve a lasting change in a single area and, when combined with a one-hour departure lesson, access to our online dog training videos and a comprehensive departure pack, ensures you have the tools you need to reinforce your dog's behavioural outcomes in the home environment.

        As a Stay n' Train graduate, you will also be welcome to book free follow-up dog training lessons whenever your dog stays with us in the future. To find out more call 1300 426 762 or click here to book online.


        STAY N' TRAIN

        Overcome barking

        This 20-day dog training course is recommended for dogs who need help in multiple areas, or who may be facing more complex issues such as fear of people and other dogs. With 20 on-site dog training lessons, our trainers are able to focus on more than one learning outcome, and improve your dog's behaviour for the long term thanks to extended follow-up between you and your trainer.

        As well as dog training lessons and accommodation, at the end of your dog's stay, you'll receive an extended departure lesson, access to our online dog training videos and a comprehensive departure pack with helpful tips and reminders to ensure lasting change. Your dog trainer will also organise a final training lesson via video call, five to seven days after departure, to ensure you're comfortable with the new commands and equipment you may have been recommended.

        As a Stay n' Train graduate, you will also be welcome to book free follow-up dog training lessons whenever your dog stays with us in the future. To find out more call 1300 426 762 or click here to book online.


        stay n' train

        Overcome aggression and anxiety

        Stay n' Train 30 is uniquely designed for the most complex behavioural issues, or for dogs requiring a significant improvement in multiple behavioural areas. Whilst staying with us at Hanrob Dog Training Academy, your dog will not only receive training on-site at our Academy, but will also be taken off-site, to help reinforce learning outcomes in a number of different scenarios.

        To ease the transition back into your home environment after 30 days, your trainer will also visit you at home or local environment to conduct a final lesson. Your course also includes an extended, 1.5 hour departure lesson, access to our online learning videos, a printed departure pack and a follow-up video training lesson.

        Stay n' Train 30 is recommended for dogs who may be exhibiting fear towards new situations, aggression around people or other dogs, and separation anxiety. To find out more call 1300 426 762 or click here to book online.