Group Classes Dog Training in Canberra

Does your dog pull on the lead or not come when called? Habits like these can be corrected, with the help of a little expert training. Our dog training philosophy at Hanrob Dog Training Academy is simple: to provide dogs and their owners with a positive lifetime experience. With locations in Sydney’s Heathcote and Duffys Forest, We are committed to building a strong bond between owners and their dogs.

Our methodology is based on the latest research and customer feedback and is refined continuously to effectively treat your dog’s underlying cause of undesirable behaviour and improve their quality of life. For over 30 years we have been setting the standards in dog training. The extensive knowledge of our master dog trainers have a combined 100+ years of experience and are committed to helping your dog succeed in becoming obedient and well-mannered. Call 1300 426 762 or click enquire now, for more information or to book one of our dog training programs.


      • Group Classes

        Hanrob Dog Training Academy conducts group obedience classes weekly at our Sydney Pet Hotel facilities. They are held in three class levels: beginners, intermediate and advanced. 

        ONLY $20 PER CLASS OR 6 CLASSES FOR $100
         Group Classes

        We have classes for three levels: Beginners, Intermediate and Advanced. If you are not sure which level is most suited to you and your dog, we recommend that you attend our Beginners’ class and our trainers will be able to assess which level is best.

        Our classes run for 30 minutes and cover everything from the basics (such as sit, stay, down, heel and come in the Beginners class) right through to complex commands such as long distance recall and competition obedience in our Advanced classes.


        • Introduction to basic manners and commands


        • Sit, stay, down, heel and recall, longer stability, more distraction


        • Improving recall on short & long lead, in a variety of settings
        • Teaching recall around different levels of distractions
        • Sit, stay, down, heel and off lead/long lead recall, longer stability, more distraction, advanced skills dependent on participant’s level and area of interest

        Heathcote Facility   

        Our Group dog training classes are held at our Heathcote Pet Hotel located in Sydney’s South.  We conduct 6-week blocks of group training classes held on a Saturday morning.  There are a minimum number of 4 dogs per class required for the session to be run and a maximum of 10 dogs per class.  Bookings must be made by 12 noon the day prior on 1300 426 762. There are limited numbers and subject to availability. 

        Beginner 9:30am
        Intermediate 8:45am
        Advanced 8:00am

        *Bookings are essential and subject to availability.  Excludes public holidays.  Each dog is assessed by the trainer and allocated to the most appropriate group. 

        Book now call 1300 426 762 or email