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Follow Up Training Melbourne

This program is perfect for our return guests. If your dog has undergone one of our training programs in the past and you would like a refresher course or just one-on-one attention with our trainers, then this is the perfect option.

  • from only: $32 - day + boaarding

    This 18-day intense basic obedience program will set the future foundation in obedience for you and your pet. An assigned professional trainer will guide you and your dog through a series of exercises to prevent unwanted behaviour and achieve your desired outcomes.

    training overview

    Our trainers will refresh what your dog has learned when they have last stayed with us. This is a great way to strengthen the training and address other behavioural problems they might have recently adopted.



    whats included?

    * Refresher of the course basics such as: sit, stay, down, coming when called and walking on a loose lead

    * Addressing unique behaviour problems you have specified

    * Plenty of play time and cuddles from out trainers!