Hanrob Pet Hotels - Sydney, Melbourne - Brisbane & Canberra

We love every pet, as if our own

When you leave your pet at Hanrob Pet Hotels, whether for boarding, daycare or
training, you can rest assured we care for your pet as if it were our own.

Where every pet is an individual

We know that no two pets are the same, and we spend time getting to know
your pet - before they arrive and while they are here.

Every pet deserves professional care

We passionately believe every pet deserves access to professional pet services,
in just the same way our children are cared for by qualified professionals


Asked Questions


How much does pet boarding cost at Hanrob Pet Hotels?

Pet boarding prices vary depending on the accommodation selected, hotel location and time of year, with low, high and peak season pricing. You can see accurate pricing and availability for your chosen accommodation, hotel and time of year by completing the online booking process by clicking here.

When is low, high and peak season?

Low, high and peak season change depending on your location (state). You can see accurate pricing for your chosen check in and check out dates by completing the online booking process by clicking here.

Do you charge by the day or by the night?

Just like all pet boarding facilities we charge a daily rate for pet boarding, rather than a nightly rate. That means, if your pet is booked in for one night's accommodation, you will be charged for two day's pet boarding.


Will my dog share accommodation with another dog?

We have three types of accommodation available: companion (shared) boarding, single boarding and luxury boarding. If companion boarding, your dog will share their accommodation with another dog. Dogs are matched in terms of temperament, size, age and breed.

Why can't I book shared accommodation for my dog?

If your dog is a breed that is classed as 'Board On Own', they will only be able to board with us in single accommodation, rather than shared.

Is your accommodation air conditioned?

We use a combination of air conditioning and fans to ventilate our pet accommodation and ensure all pets are kept cool during summer months.

Is your pet accommodation heated?

Yes. We have heating - including under floor heating - to regulate the temperature of our pet accommodation and ensure pets stay warm during winter months.

Do you have accommodation for pets other than dogs and cats?

Unfortunately we can only accommodate dogs and cats at our pet hotels.

Can I see your pet accommodation before I book?

Yes. You are welcome to tour any of our Pet Hotels at any time during opening hours. We prefer tours are conducted late morning once our pets have been fed and cleaned, however, we will try to make you feel welcome and accommodate your request for a tour at any time during our regular hours. You can find all our opening hours by clicking here. You can also view galleries of each of our pet hotels by clicking here.


How do I get my pet to your Hotel?

We have a number of options. You can choose to drop your pet at one of our CheckIn Centres, from where your pet will be collected by our Pet Taxi driver and transported safely and securely within our air conditioned pet taxi to their pet accommodation. This service is only available on a Monday-Friday and is not available at weekends. You can also choose to drop your pet directly to their pet hotel. You can also contact us on 1300 426 762 to book a home pick up or limousine transfer. These services are not available to book online and are charged depending on transfer distance.


I made an online booking but my payment didn't go through. What do I do?

If your payment was unsuccessful on checkout your booking will not have been recorded on our system. You can either call 1300 426 762 to complete your booking or return to your cart and attempt online checkout again.


I have made an online booking but want to add an extra service to my booking. How do I do this?

To make any changes to your booking, please call our booking team on 1300 426762. As your payment details are not stored, you will need your credit card in order to add extra services to your booking.

I have made a booking and want to cancel it. What is your cancellation policy?

You can read our terms and conditions, including our cancellation policy by clicking here.


Do pets need to be vaccinated to board at Hanrob Pet Hotels?

Yes. Dogs need to have a C5 vaccination given 5 days or greater before check in, however for best protection we recommend the intranasal Bronchi-Shield 3 vaccination given 8 days or greater before check in. Cats need to have a F3, F4 or F5 given 5 days or greater before check in.

I have a new puppy. Can it board at Hanrob Pet Hotels?

Your pet needs to be a minimum of 5 months old to board at Hanrob Pet Hotels.

My dog is over 15 years old with no medical conditions. Can it still board at Hanrob Pet Hotels?

Unfortunately we are unable to board dogs aged over 15.

Do pets need to be desexed to board at Hanrob Pet Hotels?

All cats need to be desexed in order to board at Hanrob Pet Hotels. We accept dogs who are not desexed, however there are some restrictions on the activities they can take part in.


My pet is currently at Hanrob Pet Hotels, Daycare or Dog Training Academy. How do I contact you?

You can view all customer service details including contact details for each of our facilities by clicking here.

What are your opening hours?

You can view the opening hours of each pet hotel by clicking here.