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Cert IV
Companion Animal Services


        • Cert IV
          Companion Animal Services

          The ACM40310 Certificate IV in Companion Animal Services is fast becoming the industry standard qualification for those working with companion animals and provides students with greater success when it comes to job opportunities.


        • cOURSE DETAILS

          A combination of theory and practical experience, this course is ideal for anyone looking to pursue or enhance their career as a dog trainer, pet welfare manager or other pet professional. Guided by our expert educators and mentors, you will gain the first-hand experience you need to behave with confidence around companion animals. 

          Qualification: ACM40310 Certificate IV in Companion Animal Services

          Course Duration: This course requires between seven months and two years of study (dependant on your previous skills and the flexibility that the course allows).

          Course Location: This course is available in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane.

          Delivery Method: Classroom based with practical exercises throughout and work placement components.

          How will you be assessed? Written assessments (including short answer and multiple choice questions), practical assessments, workbooks, video assessments, reports, scenario based assessments.

          Course Cost: $2890.00 incl. GST – Payment plan available.

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        • cert iv companion
          animal services

          Pet Shuttle

          Did you know the ACM40310 Certificate IV in Companion Animal Services is fast becoming the industry standard qualification and provides students with higher success when it comes to job opportunities. Due to our reputation for real world experience and the latest training methods, we have an extremely high success rate with graduates then going on to work as part of our training team or successfully gaining other jobs within the industry.


          companion animal

          DOG tRAINING

          Focusing on the care, control, handling and safety of companion animals – including welfare, capture and transport -  this course has been designed to teach the handling and safety of companion animals to anyone working and interacting with dogs. Ideal for council rangers, vet nurses, dog walkers, groomers and those working in emergency services, assesments are based on real life scenarios to ensure students have confidence in their learning outcomes.



          DOG TRAINer
          short course

          Special Requirements

          Designed for individuals seeking a career in the dog training profession, professional dog trainers wanting a formal qualification for their skills and experience and organisations whose staff come into contact with companion animals, this course covers the theory behind dog psychology, behaviour modification, dog training principles and canine care. Students will learn how to apply operant and classical conditioning methods and techniques to modify behaviour and will learn skills to assist in key areas of dog ownership and training.