For a paw-some day, every day

Don't leave your loved one home alone each day. Book them in for doggy daycare at
Hanrob Pet Hotels and give them a paw-some day, every day! Available at
Hanrob Pet Hotels Sydney, Melbourne, Canberra and Brisbane


  • Doggy daycare at hANROB PET HOTELS

    Don't leave your loved one home alone each day. Give them a paw-some day, every day, and book them in to day care at Hanrob Pet Hotels
    Available in Sydney (Heathcote, Duffys Foest), Canberra, Melbourne and Brisbane and open from 7am-7pm weekdays, Doggy Daycare at Hanrob Pet Hotels is designed to ensure your dog gets plenty of exercise, beneficial socialisation with other dogs, as well as lots of hugs and cuddles from our dog-loving team. Our purpose-built Doggy Daycare areas are both safe and secure, watched over exclusively by trained pet welfare professionals. 
    And, for the ultimate in convenience, we even offer a pick up and drop off service within 15km radius of each Pet Hotel. Click here to submit your booking enquiry or call 1300 426 762 to speak to our expert bookings team. 

    what to expect 
    • Access to fully secure indoor and grassy outdoor large play yards.
    • Supervision and games with our caring and passionate trained staff.
    • Interaction with other doggy play mates
    • Delicious and nutritious treats
    • More fun with staff and play mates- maybe a little fetch or tug-a-war.
    • An afternoon rest
    • Endless cuddles and care

    For full costs and more information on doggy daycare read on or, to book daycare at any of our Pet Hotels, click here

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    CONVENIENT locations

    Doggy Daycare and Hanrob Pet Hotels

    Our Doggy Daycare service is available at Hanrob Pet Hotels in Sydney (Heathcote and Duffys Forest), Melbourne, Canberra and Brisbane. For those living within 15km of these locations, we offer a pick up and drop off service for the ultimate convenience.

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    safe & secure environments

    Doggy Daycare at Hanrob Pet Hotels

    Our daycare facilities and play areas are fully secure and safe so you know that your dog will be well looked after. Our trained staff will keep a watchful eye over the playground to make sure your pet is happy and getting along with other doggy play mates.

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    join the CLUB

    Doggy Daycare and Hanrob Pet Hotels

    For regular visitors, we offer an exclusive VIP Doggy Daycare Club, designed to give the very best rates available to the busiest pet-parents. Billed monthly, you can choose from a two-day, three-day or five-day per week package.

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     Join our VIP Doggy Daycare Club and enjoy the best rates. 

    Type Session Month

    5 Days per week 



    3 Days per week





    2 Days per week    $27.50


    *VIP Doggy Daycare packages are charged monthly by direct debit. Discount applies for second pet. 

    For those who may not require Daycare on a daily basis

    Casual Daycare Option  Session Package

    10 Session Package



    5 Session Package





    Single Session   $35


    *Casual daycare packages are charged per package

    For the ultimate convenience.

    Pick-up/Drop-off Service*    

    One Way



    Round Trip





     *within a 15km radius of pet hotel