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      • Catch waves of fun, let us take your dog for a run!

        Nothing beats sand between paws if you have a water-loving dog!

        At Hanrob Pet Hotels, we are very excited to announce a new service for water-loving dogs - doggy beach runs. Your dog will experience wet paws from splashing in the surf, wind blowing in their fur and the taste of sea air!

        Sessions are 30 minutes long on a local dog-friendly beach with two experienced Hanrob pet professionals. A perfect activity for those wanting outdoor exercise, your dog could be chasing waves, wading in shallow water or digging in sand. Whatever they do, you can be assured that they will have a paw-some time enjoying the sun, surf and sand.

        After their beach run, they will be transported back to their Hanrob Hotel and given a wash to rinse sand off their bodies and feel refreshed and clean.

        Hanrob doggy beach runs are available to all dogs staying at a Hanrob Hotel, whether it is for daycare or boarding. Spaces are limited. To book or find out more, please complete the form below or contact our Pet Experience team on 1300 426 762.


      • What is included in price of beach run?

        Each beach run session is $55 and includes a 30-minute beach run, wash, report card about your dog’s time on the beach, and transfers to and from the beach in our air-conditioned van.

        Is this a basic wash and dry? Shampoo?

        What time of a day do beach runs happen?

        Generally this happens in the mornings as dogs are …. We may also run beach runs in the afternoons. Do dog owners get a preference in times? Our Hanrob team members will monitor weather conditions so that dogs are on the beach at times that are most appropriate.

        You will receive notification before and after your dog’s time on the beach about the details of the beach activity – location and time of service.

        How long is the beach run?

        Dogs will spend 30 minutes on the beach playing.

        How many dogs do on a beach run in a session?

        There is a maximum of 6 dogs.

        which days do beach runs occur?

        Tuesdays and Thursdays

        Who will take my dog on a beach run?

        All doggy beach runs will be supervised by two Hanrob staff members who are trained in pet welfare.

        What is PPE?

        What types of dogs do you take on beach runs?

        All dogs will be assessed to determine if they are suitable to come on a beach run. Criteria will be based on sociability/how they interact with other dogs. Dogs that are not eligible are those who are over 10 years old. Generally if they have passed the daycare assessment for social interaction with other dogs, they can come on our beach runs.

        What's the criteria? What's tip to tail?

        Will dogs be off lead on the beach?

        All dogs must be on lead while they are on the beach. This ensures that they are safe.

        Do I need to provide any equipment for my dog's beach run?

        All equipment such as leads, collars, harnesses, safety jackets will be provided by Hanrob Pet Hotels.

        Which facilities will be involved?

        All except Canberra.

        Where are the beach runs?