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          Does your dog pull on the lead or forgets to listen to even the most basic commands? Does she come when called? Maybe your dog is aggressive or anxious around other dogs or people. You're not alone and this is where we come in. Our Stay n' Train dog training courses have been designed to address some of the most common issues facing dogs and their owners, and have proven and lasting results in a relatively short space of time for a happier dog and a happier you.

          After assessment of your dog’s individual needs, we will recommend one of three different courses, each of which offers daily lessons with our expert trainers working together towards their pre-agreed learning outcomes and to reinforce your dog's new behaviours. The course will last 10, 20 or 30 days - depending on the number or type of behavioural changes your dog needs our help with. Your dog will stay in comfortable onsite accommodation in our renowned pet hotels.

          Our commitment to you and your dog doesn’t end when the training course finishes. You'll receive an extensive departure lesson with our trainers and complimentary online access to our dog training support videos. All graduates are also welcome back to Hanrob Pet Hotels for free follow-up training lessons whenever they stay with us, and have free access to our weekly group training classes. You’ll also receive 20% off home dog training lessons.

          Read on to find out more about our three Stay n' Train courses or call 1300 426 762 to discuss your own requirements.


        • What's Included?

          Each course includes pet accommodation, daily training lessons designed to achieve your and your dog's objectives, an on-site departure lesson and post-stay access to our exclusive online dog training videos. Depending on the course most suitable to your dog, you will also receive additional benefits:






        • Stay n' train

          Learn to come when called

          This course includes 10 days of dog training and pet boarding, a one-hour departure lesson and access to our online learning portal. It is recommended for dogs seeking help in a single behavioural area, such as pulling on the lead, loose leash walking or teaching basic commands such as 'sit', 'stay' and 'drop'. It is also suitable for improving confidence around people or other dogs.

          The duration of the stay is sufficient for our trainers to achieve a lasting change in a single area and, when combined with a one-hour departure lesson, access to our online dog training videos and a comprehensive departure pack, ensures you have the necessary tools to reinforce your dog's behavioural outcomes in the home environment.

          As a Stay n' Train graduate, your dog is also welcome to book free follow-up dog training lessons as part of future stays at a Hanrob Pet Hotel. To find out more call 1300 426 762 or click here to book online.


          Stay n' train

          Overcome barking

          This course includes 20 days of dog training and pet boarding, a one-hour departure lesson, access to our online learning portal and a follow-up video training lesson. It is recommended for dogs seeking help in multiple behaviour areas, or who may be facing more complex issues such as fear of people and other dogs. With 20 onsite dog training lessons, our trainers have extra time to focus on more than one learning outcome and improve your dog's behaviour for the long term ensuring that your dog retains the new skills learned thanks to extended follow-up between you and your trainer.

          At the end of your dog's stay, you'll receive an extended departure lesson, access to our online dog training videos and a comprehensive departure pack with helpful tips and reminders to ensure lasting change. Your dog trainer will also organise a final training lesson via video call, five to seven days after departure, to ensure you're comfortable with the new commands and equipment you may have been recommended.

          As a Stay n' Train graduate, your dog is also welcome to book free follow-up dog training lessons as part of future stays at a Hanrob Pet Hotel. To find out more call 1300 426 762 or click here to book online.


          Stay n' train

          Overcome aggression and anxiety

          The ultimate training package for your dog, this course includes 30 days of dog training and pet boarding, a 1.5-hour departure lesson, access to our online learning portal, printed departure pack and a follow-up video training lesson once your dog has settled back home. It is recommended for dogs seeking a significant improvement in multiple behavioural areas or dogs experiencing more complex behavioural issues such as aggression around people and other dogs, separation anxiety and fear towards new situations.

          Whilst staying with us at Hanrob Dog Training Academy, your dog will receive daily training lessons to ensure skills and learning outcomes are reinforced in a number of different environments and situations. To ease the transition back into your home environment after 30 days, your dog’s trainer will also visit you a short time after departure to conduct a final lesson in your home environment.

          To find out more call 1300 426 762 or click here to book online.

        • Meet Our Trainers

          We are lucky to employ some of Australia's leading and most experienced dog trainers. Here are just a few!


        • Dr Melissa Starling

          Dr Melissa Starling

          Melissa Starling holds a BSc (Hons) in zoology and a PhD on dog behaviour, personality, emotions and cognition. She has long had a passion for animal behaviour and animal training that has only intensified the more she learns. She has experience training flighty prey animals as well as bold, opportunistic dogs.

          Melissa understands that sometimes our animal companions behave in ways that are upsetting and make us feel responsible, frustrated, or unhappy even as we simultaneously feel helpless to change their behaviour. Melissa likes human psychology almost as much as animal psychology.


          DWIGHT Higgins

          Dwight Higgins

          Dwight Higgins has more than 30 years experience as a professional dog trainer and master trainer, completing his apprenticeship in Florida before going on to spend most of his career located in the Bahamas.

          Dwight recently relocated to Australia and joined Hanrob Dog Training Academy as head dog trainer in our Melbourne Academy. Here he is responsible for managing all dog training and education courses delivered via our Melbourne facility. Dwight has a passion for modifying dog behaviour through socialisation and desensiting.   

          Dwight previously held the role of Director, K9 Security for Parkgate Marketplace and Bahamas International Foods in Nassau, Bahamas and was the founder of Caribbean Canines. As a committed and passionate dog trainer, Dwight also volunteers his time to local dog clubs in the Melbourne area where he continues to share his expertise.



          wAYNE GREWAR

          Wayne Grewar

          Wayne has over 28 years’ experience as both an operational handler and trainer with a wide variety of disciplines including detection, security, and obedience/agility.  He has served with the Army Explosive Detection Dogs for 10 years involved in the training of both handlers and dogs and employment of dogs in support of non-conventional counter terrorism operations. Since Wayne has been with Hanrob he provides training and instruction for all programs.
          In the field of detector dogs Wayne has trained dogs for quarantine, explosives, narcotics, arson, termite and borer (EHB). Wayne has trained both dogs and handlers for the Australian Federal Government Quarantine Detector Dog Program, the New Caledonian Government Quarantine Detector Dog Program, and the Japanese Government Quarantine Detector Dog program.

        • What Others Are Saying

          Don't just take our word for it - here's what others are saying about Stay n' Train at Hanrob Dog Training Academy!



          Meet Thor - Cattle Cross Kelpie, Age 5
          Stay n' Train 20

          Mum Crystal has been caring for Thor since he was 10 weeks old. Now, five, this Cattle Cross Kelpie is the cheekiest, most stubborn dog ever. Unfortunately, when he was three years old, Mum's house was broken into and Thor was badly beaten. Crystal sought help from Hanrob Dog Training Academy, and booked Thor in for Stay n' Train 20 - during which he spent quality time, daily, with his trainer Helen.

          "When we first met Thor, he reminded me of a Canine Hannibal Lecter. Muzzled up, securely restrained on a tight lead and looking for a way that he could get free in order to be able to eat us," recalls Helen. "His family advised us that he had always been protective of Crystal, however after the home break in, that protectiveness increased to a level that was no longer manageable and became aggressive to not only people but dogs as well. Whilst his body had healed well, unfortunately his mind hadn’t."

          During his time at Hanrob, Helen worked to change Thor's emotional state. "Science tells us that while he was in that stressed, highly aroused state  his body would be flooded with stress hormones and no learning could occur. That was achieved by making his environment as small and predictable as possible. No pressure, regular visits to his pen." After a continual schedule of reinforcement, building on Thor's obedience, always with calm, confident and assertive handling, Helen slowly started introduing him to new people and then dogs. 

          "We were completely informed during Thor's stay with phone calls, photos and videos nearly every day," says Crystal. "Helen achieved so much in the time he was there, he has come home a completely different dog. He plays with Loki (miniature dachshund) and reacts better to people and other dogs. We wanted Thor to come back as the dog he used to be before the incident and he certainly has. His loving self is back."

          "We were given things to continue to do at home during the departure lesson, with a book to guide us through. Plus, having day refresher sessions available to us is a massive help."

          Not all dogs need this level of training and, at Hanrob Dog Training Academy, we will tailor our approach according to the outcomes required. Plus, with excellent on-site facilities and some of Australia's most experienced educators, we can - and will - make a real difference to your dog's quality of life.


          Stay n Train at Hanrob Dog Training Academy

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