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Group Obedience Training!

Learning in a group is a great way for your dog to learn obedience and socialise with
other dogs. Join your local Group Obedience Training, held weekly
at your local Hanrob Dog Training Academy!


Obedience Classes 
at Hanrob Pet Hotels

Learning as part of a group is not only fun for both you and your dog, it's a great way to encourage socialisation and keep on top of problem behaviours thanks to regular lessons. With three different experience levels - beginner, intermediate and advanced - our group obedience classes - affectionately known as the Hanrob Dog Club - is perfect for those wanting to develop their dog's social skills and have a little fun in the process!

Our Dog Club is held at Hanrob Pet Hotels Sydney (Heathcote and Duffys Forest) and Melbourne on a Saturday morning. Each semester lasts nine weeks and lessons last for 40 minutes. We'll cover everything, from the basics such as sit, stay, down and heel, right through to complex commands such as long distance recall in our advanced groups. Find out more below or, to book or enquire click here or call 1300 426 762.


      • Group Obedience Classes

        Join our Dog Club, held every Saturday at Hanrob Pet Hotels Melbourne and Sydney. Lasting for 40 minutes, these lessons cover everything from the very basics in our beginners class, to more complex commands in our advanced class. Not sure which level to book your dog in for? Don't worry, on arrival, your pet will be assessed by one of our expert trainers - and they'll be moved up a level as soon as they are ready! 

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         Join the Hanrob Dog Club at Hanrob Pet Hotels Sydney

        At our Saturday Dog Club we run three different lessons - Beginners, Intermediate and Advanced. Each lesson is held on a Saturday morning at Hanrob Pet Hotels Sydney (Heathcote, Duffys Forest) and Melbourne.

        On enrolling in our Dog Club, your dog will be assessed by one of our trainers, and assigned to the correct class. As they learn and develop their skills, they will be moved up a level, dependent on their abilities.

        To enrol in our dog club, your dog must be aged between 5 months and 10 years. We ask that you bring your dog on a collar and lead, bring water for you and your dog, dog trateas and bags to clean up if there are any accidents during class. It's also important that all dogs are up-to-date with their vaccinations.


        • Introduction to basic manners and commands including sit, stay and walking without pulling on the lead


        • Building on basic commands, improving stability (holding commands for longer periods of time) and introducing more distraction  


        • Improving recall on short & long lead, in a variety of settings
        • Teaching recall around different levels of distractions
        • Sit, stay, down, heel and off lead/long lead recall, longer stability, more distraction, advanced skills dependent on participant’s level and area of interest

        Our Saturday Dog Club is held at Hanrob Pet Hotels Heathcote, Duffys Forest and Melbourne from 9am.

        Each Semester lasts for nine weeks and new dogs are accepted during the first three weeks of each semester.

        If you've missed the current intake, don't worry! We can book you in for next term and you can start looking forward to your Saturday Dog Club! Just call 1300 426 762 to book or click here and complete our online enquiry form. A member of the bookings team will contact you to confirm your booking.

        Beginner 9:00am
        Intermediate 9:45am
        Advanced 10:30am

        Semesters run for nine weeks, four times per year. New dogs are accepted into the Dog Club during the first three Saturdays of each Semester.

        Semester 3 Saturday 22 July - Saturday 16 September
        Semester 4 Saturday 14 October - Saturday 9 December

        *Bookings are essential and subject to availability.  Excludes public holidays.  Each dog is assessed by the trainer and allocated to the most appropriate group. 

        Book now call 1300 426 762 or email [email protected]