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FitPAWS® Classes
at Hanrob Dog Training Academy

We all try and keep fit - both mentally and physically. And whether that means increasing our step count, attending meditation classes or visiting the gym twice a week, fitness is front of mind. But what about your dog? Canine fitness is just as important as our own and, whilst daily walks will certainly contribute to your dog's overall health and wellbeing, canine exercise classes can help improve your dog's strength and conditioning.

At Hanrob Dog Training Academies, our educators are trained to
offer FitPAWS® Canine Conditioning classes, designed to assist your dog's balance, strength and stability - all the while having fun! Each class is 30 minutes, and makes use of our fun and interactive FitPAWS® Canine Conditioning equipment. You can include a FitPAWS® session in your dog's boarding holiday, daycare visit or dog training stay. Just add to your online booking or call 1300 426 762 to enquire!


        • FitPAWS® Classes

           We all like to keep fit, and most of us enjoy the many health benefits of a regular workout. But what about your dog? Cross training exercises are known to challenge your dog's mind and body, strengthening muscles, improving coordination, increasing endurance and burning off all that excess energy our dogs seem to have in abundance! At Hanrob Pet Hotels, we're proud to now offer FitPAWS® Classes, available to all dogs staying with us at Hanrob Dog Training Academies, Pet Hotels and Doggy Daycare Centres.


        • canine exercise classes

          Priced at $35 for a 30-minute class, Active Paw is available as an add-on to your booking for all dogs staying at Hanrob Pet Hotels.

          Conducted by our professional team of dog trainers, Active Paw classes at Hanrob Pet Hotels utilise FitPAWS Equipment for Canine Fitness, which are uniquely designed to challenge your dog's mind and body, strengthening their muscles and helping to prevent injury.

          During Active Paw classes at Hanrob Pet Hotels, we make use of the award-winning FitPAWS Equipment for Canine Fitness. The specialised canine-specific equipment and training techniques make Active Paw a fun, safe and effective exercise class for dogs.

          Each 30-minute class is packed with activities that will improve coordination, increase endurance and fulfill the natural instincts of your dog. Key benefits to your dog will include:
          • Improved reaction and control
          • Increased trunk and core strength
          • Stabilisation of any weaker areas
          • Imrpoved balance and awareness of their body in relation to space
          • Increased range of motion in the joins
          • Elongation of muscles
          • Long term prevention of sports-related injuries

          improve coordination

        • home dog training lesson

          Pet Shuttle

          Our 7-day, Short Stay Training course is a popular choice for those jetting off on holiday - taking advantage of their dog's time at Hanrob Pet Hotels to get on top of some problem behaviours and reinforce positive outcomes whilst they're away.

          Because of their experience and expertise, our dog trainers are able to efficiently and effectively resolve many issues whilst your dog enjoys their stay at Hanrob, and you can look forward to a better-behaved dog on your reunion!

          Whilst our Short Stay Training Course can be adapted to suit the needs of your dog, you can also choose from three popular topics:

          • Walk Time - designed to improve lead time, holding of the heel position and ability to walk past distractions
          • Doggy Manners - designed to manage excitable behaviour, improve control around humans, minimise problem behaviour around distractions and improve self control
          • Recall Reliably - designed to improve recall on a short and long lead and in a variety of settings, whilst also teaching recall around distractions and that coming when called is fun!

          Of course, we can also tailor each course to suit the particular requirements of you and your dog, using the seven days to combat any challenges you may be facing.

          Our Short Stay Training course is offered at Hanrob Dog Training Academies in Sydney (Duffys Forest, Heathcote), Canberra, Melbourne and Brisbane. To book online, click here, or call 1300 426 762.


          home behavioural

          DOG tRAINING

          An unrivalled dog training program, our 18-day Training for Life course offers a lifetime of training to your dog, which begins with an 18-day stay at our Dog Training Academy, and continues through free access to group obedience classes or one-on-one private lessons for the duration of your dog's life.

          Designed to give your dog the best possible start to their training, this course allows our trainers offers time to cover the foundations of dog training - from the basics right to your dog’s unique behavioural problems. For 18 days, your dog will stay and train with their dedicated educator, who is committed to helping your dog progress and overcome their individual challenges.

          Your dog's educator will keep you informed of their progress throughout their stay at Hanrob, with reports sent through to you regularly. You will also be invited to attend an all-important departure lesson at the end of your dog's stay. This is not only a great opportunity to fill you in on your dog's progress, but is also a crucial part of the training, as our educators will give you the direction and tools you need to continue your dog's training where it matters most - in your day-to-day interactions in your home environment.

          Training for Life doesn't end at the departure lesson, however - when you sign up to Training For Life, we give you just that - training for life. You'll have free access to our weekly Group Obedience Training Classes, or one-on-one private lessons with your educator as and when you feel you or your dog would benefit from them.

          An unrivalled dog training program, Training For Life is offered at Hanrob Dog Training Academies in Sydney (Duffys Forest, Heathcote), Canberra, Melbourne and Brisbane. To book online, click here, or call 1300 426 762.




          Special Requirements

          To make it easier for you to book dog training, we've put together our Studious Pet Package - for dogs who love to learn new skills. As well as their accommodation, play time and meals, our Studious Pet Package includes daily one-on-one dog training lessons with a dedicated, on-site trainer. We'll spend time with you prior to your dog's arrival, getting to know which areas you need help with so that, when they arrive, we have a training plan designed to achieve your pet's desired outcomes.

          We'll update you on your pet's progress throughout their stay at Hanrob Pet Hotels, and brief you on outcomes prior to departure. You'll also be given the tools and information you need to ensure lasting outcomes when your dog arrives home.

          All packages come complete with pick up and drop off from your local vet, two nutritious daily meals, exclusive care from our team of highly trained pet welfare professionals, accommodation in our purpose built pet hotels and our pet health cover guarantee.

          Our studious pet package is available at Hanrob Dog Training Academies in Sydney (Duffys Forest, Heathcote), Canberra, Melbourne and Brisbane. To book online, click here, or call 1300 426 762.