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      • Active Paw Classes

        We all try and keep fit and most of us enjoy the many health benefits of a regular workout. Whether that means increasing our step count, attending meditation classes or visiting the gym, fitness is front of mind. But what about your dog? Canine fitness is just as important as our own and, whilst daily walks certainly contribute to your dog's overall health and wellbeing, canine exercise classes can help improve your dog's strength and conditioning and burn off all that excess energy dogs seem to have in abundance!

        At our Hanrob Dog Training Academies, our professional team of dog trainers conduct Active Paw canine exercise classes utilising award-winning FitPAWS® equipment. Each 30-minute classes use the specially designed canine-specific equipment and training techniques to challenge your dog's mind and body.

        Each 30-minute class involves one-on-one time with one of our expert dog trainers and is packed with activities that will improve coordination, increase endurance and fulfill the natural instincts of your dog. Key benefits to your dog will include:

        • Improved reaction and control
        • Improved trunk and core strength
        • Stabilisation of any weaker areas
        • Improved balance and awareness of their body in relation to space
        • Increased range of motion in the joins
        • Elongation of muscles
        • Long term prevention of sports-related injuries

        Active Paw exercise classes are fun, safe and effective. Each session is $25 and currently available as an add-on for all stays at Hanrob Pet Hotels in Sydney (Heathcote), Brisbane or Canberra from Mondays to Fridays. So whether you are planning a dog boarding holiday or doggy daycare visit, simply add Active Paw classes to your online booking or call 1300 426 762 for more information.


      • canine exercise classes


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