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      • Dog Training at Hanrob Dog Training Academy

        The Hanrob Dog Training Academy has been training dogs and educating dog owners since 1994. Our expertise in dog training is unrivalled and our educators teach the next generation of dog trainers and assist organisations and government bodies, in Australia and internationally, to train working dogs such as detector dogs. We also work with families like yours to manage various dog training issues, helping puppies who need early guidance through to dogs with established problem behaviours. Our educators have seen it all and can quickly achieve results that last.

        Our methodology is based on the latest research and continuously refined to effectively treat your dog’s underlying cause of undesirable behaviour and improve their - and your - quality of life.

        Choose from a range of dog training options with our qualified and experienced dog trainers:

        • stay n’ train package - onsite courses that last 10, 20 and 30 days which include accommodation and one-on-one daily lessons
        • dog training lessons which can be added to a dog boarding package
        • one-on-one lessons that can be conducted in your own home
        • group obedience classes for ongoing training
        • 30-minute canine exercise classes designed to condition and strengthen your dog.

        Online Hanrob Dog Training Enquiry or call 1300 426 762 to discuss your unique requirements.



      • Intensive Training

        Located adjacent to our Pet Hotels, our Dog Training Academies are uniquely positioned to provide intensive dog training courses known as ‘Stay n’ Train’. Training is a necessary and lifelong component of a dog’s life. Our course has been designed to address some of the most common issues facing dogs and their owners, and aim to quickly and effectively establish positive dog behaviours. The course provides you and your dog with foundational skills that can be transitioned to and further developed at home.

        In addition to comfortable onsite accommodation, playtime and meals, our Stay n’ Train course includes daily one-on-one dog training lessons with a dedicated expert educator. The stay will last 10, 20 or 30 days - depending on the number or type of behavioural changes your dog needs help with. This is determined after an assessment of your dog’s individual needs and our trainers will have a tailored training plan ready for your dog to achieve pre-agreed learning outcomes. Our trainers also support you to achieve these outcomes by building your skills as much as we build on your dog’s skills.

        Lessons will expose your dog to whatever situations they need help with - be it socialisation with other animals, basic obedience, or specific dog behaviours. Throughout their stay, your dog's educator will provide regular progress updates and send you reports.

        Our commitment to you and your dog doesn’t end when the training course finishes. You'll receive an extensive departure lesson with our trainers where you'll be briefed on what your dog has learned, and how their positive behaviour outcomes can continue and be reinforced in your home environment. You also receive complimentary online access to our dog training support videos and complimentary private lessons are available to you as the pet owner when your dog stays with us. If your dog has completed the Stay n’ Train 30 days course, you have free access to our weekly group training classes. Home dog training lessons can be taken with a 20% discount.

        Dog Training Topics

        Whilst dog training at Hanrob can be adapted to suit the needs of your dog, you can also choose from three popular topics, especially for shorter stays such as the Stay n’ Train 10 day course:

        • Walk Time - designed to improve lead time, holding of the heel position and ability to walk past distractions
        • Doggy Manners - designed to manage excitable behaviour, improve control around humans, minimise problem behaviour around distractions and improve self-control
        • Recall Reliably - designed to improve recall on a short and long lead and in a variety of settings, whilst also teaching recall around distractions and that coming when called is fun!


      • Meet Our Trainers

        We have the privilege of employing some of Australia's leading and most experienced dog trainers. Here are just a few!

        Rebekah Bentley

        Based at Hanrob Heathcote, Rebekah trains dogs of all ages and abilities, working with dog owners to improve a range of behaviours from lead pulling and jumping up, to aggression and anxiety. Experienced in obedience training, Rebekah teaches dogs the skills they need to live alongside people harmoniously. Rebekah has extensive experience running group obedience and puppy classes ensuring that classes cater to the personalities of the dogs involved so everyone has a positive experience.

        In the field of scent detection, Rebekah has assisted with the training of dogs working for the Australian Federal Government to recognise certain smells and communicate that recognition to a handler for quarantine.

        Passionate about working with animals and people, Rebekah started at Hanrob as a Pet Welfare Attendant in 2015 and one year later, she became a Hanrob dog trainer after completing the Certificate IV in Companion Animal Services. Having always had dogs in her life, Rebekah loves dogs and always discovers new aspects of dog training to explore. Her training programs are individual to each dog and she loves that there are so many ways to teach the same skill to a dog which allows her to create unique solutions for her clients.


        Helen Andrews

        Hanrob Brisbane, Senior Dog Trainer, Helen Andrews is NFTF qualified, holds a degree in agriculture and has over 16 years experience working with dogs. Eleven of those years working in a large shelter, doing behaviour modification for problem dogs as well as running a council impound facility. 

         Helen is a leading expert in dog behaviour, body language and understanding dog emotions. She believes that every dog deserves the right to be well trained and shown how to behave appropriately. 

         Helen has 3 dogs of her own 2 of whom are rescues that were scheduled for euthanasia as they were deemed broken, beyond repair. Successfully rehabilitated by Helen, they now live happily with her other dog and cat. When not working at Hanrob, Helen is passionate about animal welfare,  volunteering her time to work with problem dogs, with various rescue groups. 


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        Meet Thor - Cattle Cross Kelpie, Age 5
        Stay n' Train 20

        Mum Crystal has been caring for Thor since he was 10 weeks old. Now, five, this Cattle Cross Kelpie is the cheekiest, most stubborn dog ever. Unfortunately, when he was three years old, Mum's house was broken into and Thor was badly beaten. Crystal sought help from Hanrob Dog Training Academy, and booked Thor in for Stay n' Train 20 - during which he spent quality time, daily, with his trainer Helen.

        "When we first met Thor, he reminded me of a Canine Hannibal Lecter. Muzzled up, securely restrained on a tight lead and looking for a way that he could get free in order to be able to eat us," recalls Helen. "His family advised us that he had always been protective of Crystal, however after the home break-in, that protectiveness increased to a level that was no longer manageable and became aggressive to not only people but dogs as well. Whilst his body had healed well, unfortunately his mind hadn’t."

        During his time at Hanrob, Helen worked to change Thor's emotional state. "Science tells us that while he was in that stressed, highly aroused state his body would be flooded with stress hormones and no learning could occur. That was achieved by making his environment as small and predictable as possible. No pressure, regular visits to his pen." After a continual schedule of reinforcement, building on Thor's obedience, always with calm, confident and assertive handling, Helen slowly started introducing him to new people and then dogs.

        "We were completely informed during Thor's stay with phone calls, photos and videos nearly every day," says Crystal. "Helen achieved so much in the time he was there, he has come home a completely different dog. He plays with Loki (miniature dachshund) and reacts better to people and other dogs. We wanted Thor to come back as the dog he used to be before the incident and he certainly has. His loving self is back."

        "We were given things to continue to do at home during the departure lesson, with a book to guide us through. Plus, having day refresher sessions available to us is a massive help."

        Not all dogs need this level of training and, at Hanrob Dog Training Academy, we will tailor our approach according to the outcomes required. Plus, with excellent on-site facilities and some of Australia's most experienced educators, we can - and will - make a real difference to your dog's quality of life.


        Stay n Train at Hanrob Dog Training Academy

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