Brisbane Short Stay Training

  • from only: $497

    The cost for Short Stay Training (including full accommodation and meals) starts from $497. Call us today on 1300 426 762.

    option 1: walk time
    • Lead behaviour
    • Holding of the heel position
    • The ability to walk past distractions
    option 2: Doggy manners

    • Excitability management and control around humans (Jumping up)
    • Reducing and managing undesirable behaviour around distractions
    • Self-control (sit-stay/doorways etc.)

    option 3: Recall Reliably 
    • Improving recall on short & long lead, in a variety of settings
    • Teaching recall around different levels of distractions
    • Teaching your dog that coming when called is fun


    what's included?

    Are you going away for a week and would like you’re dog to have some training with Hanrob Dog Training Academy’s specialised staff during their visit? Or maybe you are looking for a fast and effective way to train your dog – With the Hanrob Dog Training Academy you can! Our Short Stay Training Course is a fantastic option with three training and obedience programs available for you to choose from:

    • Walk Time
    • Doggy Manners
    • Recall Reliability

    Short Stay Training is offered at Hanrob Pet Hotel’s Heathcote, Melbourne and Duffys Forest facilities. Your dog’s training includes classic accommodation at Hanrob Pet Hotel’s world-class facilities with 2 nutritious meals each day. Before your dog’s stay, we ask you to fill out a pre-arrival survey so that our team can begin working on your dog’s training plan. On departure, you will receive a 30-minute departure lesson to go through everything your dog has learnt during its stay with us.


    Our 7-day obedience course will be based around one of three options of your choosing. A breakdown of skills learnt during that time can be found below. If you have any questions about any of our training courses.