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For results that last a lifetime

Our dog training courses are designed to not only get on top of problem behaviour,
but will also give you the tools you need to continue training at home, resulting
in a better relationship between you and your dog - for life.

Join the Club!

Learning in a group is a great way for your dog to learn obedience and socialise with
other dogs. Join your local Hanrob Dog Club and enjoy 9 lessons, held weekly
at Hanrob Pet Hotels Brisbane!

Thanks to our years of experience, we've been able to create a range of courses to suit you
and your dog. From group classes to home-behavioural consultations, we can find the
best fit for you and your pet.

Courses to suit you and your dog

Hanrob Dog Training Academy Brisbane is conveniently located at our brand new Pet Hotel
in Brisbane's Eagle Farm. We even offer a FREE pick up and drop off service from
locations around the city

Convenient location


Enquire today about dog training 
at Hanrob Pet Hotels Brisbane

If you think your relationship with your dog will benefit from dog training - be it socialisation in the form of our Dog Club; an in-home puppy training class; or a residential stay at Hanrob Pet Hotels to get on top of problem behaviours - then contact us today, either by phone or by completing the enquiry form below. Tell us a little about the challenges you're facing, or your unique situation, and we'll be happy to recommend a training solution that suits you and your dog, and that will bring you lasting, outstanding results. Call 1300 426 762 or complete the form below and take the first step towards a better friendship between you and your dog.




        Why Hanrob?

        With on-site accommodation and 35 years' experience in the pet care industry, Hanrob Pet Hotels is uniquely positioned to offer a variety of dog training solutions, guaranteed to deliver results that last. With a variety of courses available as well as a tailored approach to dog training, we will ensure we create a package that suits your pet’s individual needs efficiently and effectively. 

        Call us today on 1300 426 762, or fill out the online enquiry form and look forward to a better, lasting relationship with your dog. 

        If you would like to view our Frequently Asked Questions please click here.