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Sydney Home Training

  • Only: $265

    At Hanrob, we pride ourselves on being able to build a strong bond with you and your beloved furry friend, and improving your dog's quality of life. Home Dog Training is convenient and is effective in achieving prompt results.  We come to you and can train you and any family members.  We know every household is different and will tailor your own home dog training program.

    training overview

    Home Dog Training (HDT) is convenient and is effective in achieving prompt results as the trainer is able to obvserve and then provide you and your family with the tools to correct unwanted and sometime embarressing behaviours both in their home and other public domains.

    A specialist dog trainer will work with you and your dog in your own environment, to assess behavioural challenges in situ and help you incorporate dog training into your daily routine to suit your lifestyle.

    We know that every dog and every household is different. Home Dog Training is the perfect solution as it is tailored to your needs 

    As an option, we can also return to reassess, reassure and make any modifications required.



    traning overview

    Duration -  90 minutes at your home 

    * Introduction - 15 minutes - Our specialist Dog Trainer will get acquainted with you, any family members and of course your dog.nThey will make an assessment of your dog based on routines and behavioural issues. They will also discuss your expectations and management at home

    * Practical Element - 1 hour at your home.  Includes motivation techniques, addressing problem behaviours, teaches basic household manners and obedience, trains you to be the trainer.  Provides "How to" tips to get the best out of your dog at home.

    * Follow up - Optional Home Dog Training service which includes assessment/training suggestions - must be booked after initial training 

    how to book

    Let us come to you, and let your whole family participate and enjoy learning some useful dog training techniques that can last a lifetime.  You'll also receive peace of mind knowing our expert Home Dog Trainers will serve to improve the quality of your dogs life!  

    To make a booking enquiry simply call 1300 426 762 or email info@hanrob.com.au.