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For a paw-some day, every day

Don't leave your loved one home alone each day. Book them in for doggy daycare at
Hanrob Pet Hotels and give them a paw-some day, every day! Available at
Hanrob Pet Hotels Sydney, Melbourne, Canberra and Brisbane



      • Dog Daycare - Puppy Daycare

        Doggy Daycare at Hanrob Pet Hotels

        One of our core beliefs at Hanrob Pet Hotels is that a happy pet is a socially active pet. That's why our six doggy daycare centres have been designed to give your dog the benefits of a sociable day, every day while they are cared for by our trained pet welfare professionals. Each Hanrob daycare centre has access to secure, grassy off-leash play areas that your dog gets to enjoy from the moment they arrive and there is plenty of time to make and play with like-minded friends. Plus, with our on-site dog trainers and groomers on hand, you can take advantage of our services and indulge your pet in relaxing groom or iron out any behavioural concerns with some one-on-one training lessons.

        We understand that daycare needs to work for you, too. That's why we offer a variety of membership options - from casual passes that can be used as and when you need, to two, three and five day membership subscriptions, which offer the most competitive rates for those visiting daycare weekly. We also offer a number of pick up options, including home pick up and drop off, meaning you can focus your time on your family and getting to work, while we take care of what we do best - pet services.

        Don't leave your loved one home alone each day - give them a paw-some day, every day, and book them in to day care at Hanrob Pet Hotels!



        There's no doubt your dog will enjoy their day at daycare. From the moment they check in, your dog will be welcomed by our friendly and professionally trained team. They will be paired with similar dogs, in terms of size, temperament and behaviour, to ensure they get the most from their social play time in our grassy outdoor, and secure indoor play areas. During their day, your dog will have plenty of interaction with both our staff and other dogs, and will have access to our extra services such as training, canine exercise classes and grooming, should you desire.

        • Access to fully secure indoor and grassy outdoor large play yards.
        • Supervision and games with our caring and passionate trained staff.
        • Interaction with other doggy play mates
        • Delicious and nutritious treats
        • More fun with staff and play mates- maybe a little fetch or tug-a-war.
        • An afternoon rest
        • Endless cuddles and care



        We invite you to come and look around our daycare centres and welcome tours during open hours. Contact our reservation team or the Hotel directly to organise a tour.

      • CONVENIENCE is key

        Pet Shuttle

        Our six daycare centres are conveniently located near to some of Australia's closest transport hubs. With locations spread across Sydney (North, South, Airport), Brisbane, Canberra and Melbourne, we understand the importance of convenience in your day-to-day lives, and do our best to ensure dropping your dog at daycare is as hassle free as possible. As well as a fast drop off and check in process when you arrive, we also offer a $9 home pick up and drop off service, and have a closed online community through which you can organise car pooling with our regular daycare members.


        DOG tRAINING

        There's no doubt your dog will enjoy a full day of fun at our Doggy Daycare Centre and come home ready for a good night's sleep. Having said that, you may also like to take advantage of our onsite facilities and add extra services to your dog's day.

        Our daycare centres are located adjacent to our pet hotels and dog training academies - home to some of the best professional pet services in Australia. This means that your dog has access to one-on-one one-hour dog training lessons with onsite educators to overcome problem behaviours and reinforce beneficial training techniques. Our qualified dog trainers can also guide your dog through 30-minute Active Paw canine exercise classes, which uses FitPAW equipment to strengthen and condition your dog's muscles.

        Finally, use our onsite grooming services and keep on top of your dog's hygiene without booking further appointments outside of daycare. Your dog will come home clean smelling of roses... or at least of the aromatherapy shampoo we use!



        Special Requirements

        For those visiting daycare regularly, it pays to join the club! Sign up to an ongoing subscription for two, three or five days of daycare per week, and enjoy the very best rates. You'll be able to put your membership on hold when you are at home with your dog, and can cancel at any time.



        Type Per Session Per Month

        5 Days per week 



        3 Days per week





        2 Days per week    $45.00


        *VIP Doggy Daycare packages are charged monthly by direct debit. 

        Rates for FAMILY MEMBERS:

        Type Per Session Per Month

        5 Days per week 



        3 Days per week





        2 Days per week    $38.08


        *VIP Doggy Daycare packages are charged monthly by direct debit. 

        With no ongoing commitment, our casual daycare passes are perfect for those who use doggy daycare occasionally. Casual passes are for one, five or 10 days of daycare. Use your passes as and when you need, then simply purchase another package of passes to top up! It couldn't be easier. With access to all the same daycare services and options as those on an ongoing membership, your dog will play in our grassy off-leash areas, have plenty of attention from our professionally trained staff, socialise with other doggy play mates, and take advantage of all our other services such as grooming, training and exercise classes.

        Casual Daycare Option  Per Session Per Package

        10 Session Package



        5 Session Package





        Single Session   $52


        *Casual daycare packages are charged per package

        door to door pick up & drop off

        If the only thing holding you back from dog daycare is lack of time, then you don't need to worry.

        We offer a $10 pick up service - our pet taxi will arrive at a designated location  between 6am to 8am to collect your dog, and take them safely and securely to our daycare centre. We'll drop your dog back at the pick up location between 5pm and 7pm in the evening, after a day of socialisation, play and plenty of cuddles from our trained pet welfare professionals!

        Please note, this service is restricted to a limited number of daycare dogs per day, and operates within certain suburbs only. Home pick up and drop off is not available at our Sydney Airport Daycare Centre. Click here to submit your booking enquiry or call 1300 426 762 to speak to a member of our reservations team.


        To ensure that all our furry friends have the best possible daycare experience, ALL dogs must pass a temperament test to be eligible for daycare. Dogs do not meet our daycare assessment requirements are welcome to enjoy our personalised day boarding services.