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        • Holiday Essentials For Dogs

          No two dogs are the same and what suits one, may not suit another. That’s why we offer a range of holiday essentials which can be included in your dog's stay to ensure they have the very best howl-iday. While many customers opt for our most popular pet packages, you can also simply choose your pet's preferred accommodation, and select any of the following holiday essentials in your booking either at the time you book, before your arrival, or at any time during your stay.

          Dependent on your needs and budget, you can design a holiday unique to your dog to include activities such as extra social play time, grooming, exercise classes, dog training. As well as services designed for your dog’s stay, we offer a number of services designed with you - the pet owner - in mind. We know how hard it is to leave your pet, and a series of photos or videos sent during your stay can make it so much easier. We can even organise live video calls between you and your pet during your trip.

          To book online, simply select your accommodation type and Pet Hotel location, then include the services that your dog will enjoy! Remember, all our pet boarding options include with two premium meals per day, daily exercise and pet health cover - there are no hidden charges.


          $16 / SESSION

          Social play time Give your dog all the exercise they need with an additional hour-long social play session each day. They'll get to socialise with their play mates in our secure, grassy play areas. Perfect for the social, active dog.


          PLAY TIME
          $13 / SESSION

          platinum paw

          Include an extra half hour play time in your dog's daily routine. As well as their standard play time, they'll receive an extra 30 minute session where they can play with other dogs + stretch their legs.


          $55 / SESSIONs

          Dog training

          A perfect activity for those wanting outdoor exercise, your dog could be chasing waves, wading in shallow water or digging in sand. The 30-minute doggy beach run session is at a local dog-friendly beach supervised by experienced Hanrob pet professionals.


          $39 / CLASS

          Dog training

          Each of our pet hotels features an on-site dog training academy and your dog's holiday is the perfect time to brush up on some training and manners. You can add daily dog training lessons with a trainer and come home to a well behaved pet!


          NATURE WALKS
          $17 / WALK

          One on one nature walks

          If your dog is used to their walks, pack your pet some one-on-one nature walks. Each of our pet hotels are located on expansive grounds and we'll take your dog on a 30 minute walk each day to explore and stretch their legs!


          $42 / GROOM

          platinum paw

          Indulge your dog in a little TLC and include an aromatherapy shampoo and blow dry in their stay. Not only will they enjoy the one-on-one attention, they'll come home smelling of roses!


          $22 / APPLICATION

          FLEA AND TICK

          If your dog is due their treatment, don't forget to include Flea and Tick Prevention in their howl-iday at Hanrob.


          PET PICS & PLAY

          pet pics

          Five photos of your family member sent to your email for peace of mind that they're being well looked after! Price: $18

          PET VIDEO

          PET VIDEO

          Receive videos of your pet sent to your email so you can see that they are enjoying themselves. Price $23


          PET SKYPE

          Jump online for a 10 minute catch up with your pet! We can dial you in via Skype, FaceTime or application of your choice. Price $23

          BUNDLE SAVE!

          Book our bundle package & SAVE! Book all three of our staying connected plans for your pet for just $57


        • Staying connected options are charged per session, separate services can be booked on individual days. Bundle package must be booked on same day.