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Aged Care Dog Boarding

It's hard to leave our pets at the best of times, and when they're in their senior years, it can be even harder. With special dietary requirements or daily medications, you want to know your pet is in the very safest hands. That's why we offer Aged Care accommodation for all dogs over 11 years of age - allowing us the extra time and space to commit to your dog, and affording you peace of mind they will be well looked after. 

Aged Care accommodation is offered at each of our pet hotels and can be booked online - simply select the option to state your pet is aged over 11 years - or via the phone. Call us on 1300 426 762 to find out more. 


      • Aged Care 
        Dog Boarding

        We keep a very special eye on all our guests over 11 years of age, with aged care accommodation available to our more senior residents. 



        We all need a little extra attention and care when we reach our senior years, and it can be worrying for you to have to leave an aging dog. That's why we offer Aged Care accommodation for all dogs over 11 years of age. Whether they have special dietary requirements, or need daily medication, our Aged Care accommodation affords us the time and space to cater to the very special needs of senior dogs, whilst offering you peace of mind your pet will be in safe hands, with attention from trained pet welfare professionals throughout the day and - if necessary - night.  

        As part of our aged care accommodation package your dog will receive two premium meals daily, administration of any medication, extra attention from our dedicated team of trained pet welfare professionals, daily exercise / play time where appropriate, as well as our complementary Pet Health Cover and report card on departure. As an aged care dog, we will also tailor our service according to your instructions and keep in touch with pet updates to alleviate any concerns you have around leaving your pet. 




      • 160+ checkIN Centres

        Pet Shuttle

        Our pet shuttle service offers the ultimate convenience for our pet owners. We can pick up your pet at over 180 CheckIn Centres, usually within 15 minutes of your home. Our pet shuttle offers fully air-conditioned cabins with security for your pet and separate travel compartments. Find your nearest  CheckIn Centre here!

        For complete convenience and luxury, take advantage of our Pet Limo service for you and your pet . We will take you, your family and your luggage to the airport first so you can enjoy this luxurious trip with your pet. The limo will then take your pet directly to Hanrob where our caring team will be waiting to greet your pet and show them to their spacious quarters.

        On-site Dog Training

        DOG tRAINING

        Our Pet Hotels are also home to our renowned Dog Training Academies, with expert dog trainers on hand to provide serious expertise when it's required. If you know your dog is in need of a little guidance - be it improving their socialisation with other pets or simply walking down the street on the lead - our qualified dog trainers are ready to help.

        You can book your dog in one of our Stay n' Train packages which includes daily one-on-one dog training as well as accommodation!

        Stay n' Train Pet Package
        Dog Training is an essential part of our responsibility as dog owners, but some of us don't have the time we need to commit to training. Our Stay n' Train Package includes daily one-on-one training lessons with our qualified and experienced dog trainers. Find out more here or book online.

        Special Requirements

        At Hanrob Pet Hotels we offer four packages designed to suit the needs of most dogs. All packages come complete with pick up and drop off from your local vet, two nutritious daily meals, exclusive care from our team of highly trained pet welfare professionals, accommodation in our purpose built pet hotels and our pet health cover guarantee.

        The Social Pet Package
        Available in each of our pet hotels, this is our most popular daily package for dogs, incorporating plenty of outdoor, social play time in our grassy off leash areas. This package is perfect for social dogs, and is built around our understanding that a happy dog is a socially active dog. Find out more here or book online.

        The Independent Pet Package
        Some dogs simply don't like to mix with others, and prefer their very own accommodation and company. We get it. That's why our Independent Pet Package comes with single accommodation and daily solo walk time. Find out more here or book online.