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Dog Boarding

  • When your loved one is stretching out in their spacious quarters, lounging on their non-allergenic trampoline beds or just taking a moment to relax and enjoying the television we play 24/7 they’ll feel like they’re taking a much earned break themselves!  We have six pet hotel facilities -  Sydney Airport, Heathcote, Duffy’s Forest, Brisbane, Melbourne and Canberra offering Dog accommodation – Contact us today for more information 

  • standard accomodation

    We understand your cat demands the best of everything, and that’s what we love to provide. At Hanrob, we’ve used our 30 years experience as dedicated cat lovers to design and develop the ultimate in cat holidays; the Hanrob Kitty Kingdom.

    During their stay, your cat can leisurely explore their spacious room, indulge on their personal scratching post or relax on their comfy hammock, gazing into our garden atrium and pondering as only cats do!

    Impeccable cleanliness, plenty of natural light and air and a regularly cleaned toileting tray will satisfy your cat’s aesthetic needs, while soothing music and non-allergenic fluffy covers will ensure it’s overall comfort. Our dedicated team of cat lovers will be on hand to do everything possible to care for your cat and, if the need ever arises, we have access to veterinary care.


    luxury accomodation

    For our more discerning guests we have luxury suites designed to simulate their home environment. In addition to the standard package, your pet can play in a fully secure outdoor area, before retiring inside to lounge on their fluffy bed, watch a bit of their personal television or just gaze out their window and enjoy the fresh air and natural light.

    All our luxury guests also receive complimentary playtime sessions where they can enjoy access to hotel specific features such as our sand-pit, climbing equipment and indoor/outdoor areas.

    Aged Care Accommodation

    All our guests over 11 years get a special eye kept on them in our aged care boarding.

    special requirements

    If your pet requires any special medication or feeding please let us know at time of booking and we will make sure the instructions are followed to the letter at a small additional charge. Please note, due to the special requirements needed to care for an insulin dependant dog, Hanrob does not cater for these requirements.

    Gourmet Dining

    All our guests are served premium meals twice daily but if you have any specific feeding requirements, including hand feeding or providing your own food, let us know and we will make sure they are catered for at no extra cost.

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