Take away their stress

Moving can be especially stressful on dogs and cats. We're here to help take
the pressure off you, and minimise the impact of your move on your beloved pet


  • Community Care AT HANROB PET HOTELS

    Over the past 35 years we have formed a close relationship with the Australian pet owner community. As part of our Community Care Program, we are committed to giving back to that community and, if you or someone you love finds yourself in a position where you can't care for your pet due to hospital visits or extended stays, we are here to remove any worry in relation to your pet's care. 


    what is community care?

    Sadly, illness and accidents can happen at any time. And when these things do happen, often the last thing on our mind is caring for our pets. As part of our Community Care Program, we offer a range of pet care services to those in need, including pet transport and accommodation, ensuring your pet is safe and cared for when you're not there. 

    What services do you offer as part of the Community Care Program?

    As part of our Community Care Program we offer pet transport, daycare and accommodation - helping to move pets from their owner's residence and to care for them while their owner is unable. Our services are available for dogs and cats. We will also assist in the rehoming of animals left in our care should the owner be unable to care for the pet moving forwards. 

    Is it free?

    No. However, we extend these services at cost price and consider each case on a case-by-case basis where there is a lack or shortage of funds.  

    Do you offer this service to anyone?

    We offer this service to any member of our local community who owns a pet and who has to spend an extended period of time in hospital with no other option for pet care. 

    How do I organise this service?

    If you or anyone you know is in need or emergency pet care or transport within our geographic areas (Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Canberra), you can call us on 1300 426 762 or use our enquiry form to get in touch. 


    Get in touch

    If you or someone you know is in need of emergency pet transport or accommodation, please contact us on 1300 426 762 or complete our online enquiry form by clicking here.


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