Christmas is our busiest time of the year. Find out more about our
opening hours and customer service across the season.

Christmas at Hanrob Pet Hotels

Christmas is nearly here and it's time to eat, drink and be merry! Most importantly, we want you to relax
this Christmas. Should we have any concerns regarding your pet, we'll be in touch immediately.

Christmas at Hanrob Pet Hotels


Christmas at Hanrob Pet Hotels

Deck the paws, Christmas is nearly here! It's a time to eat, drink and be merry, but we know it can also be stressful if you have to leave your pet at Christmas. Here at Hanrob Pet Hotels, we want you to enjoy your break, and will be doing everything we can to look after your loved one while you're away. Because this is one of our busiest times of year, we've compiled some information regarding our opening hours over the Christmas season, and what to expect regarding customer service over this time. 

  • important opening hours

    Like many Hotels, Christmas at Hanrob Pet Hotels is one of our busiest times of year, with hundreds of pets staying with us across the season. We spend several weeks preparing for Christmas, so we can offer the best pet care to your pets during this time, whilst also meeting your expectations when it comes to customer service. 

    All our Hotels are fully staffed throughout the Christmas season. However, each year, we close our receptions to arrivals and departures on Christmas Day, Boxing Day and New Year's Day. On these days, our telephone message bank is checked, but only urgent enquiries will be responded to and pet updates will not be provided. We would also like to remind you that during this time - as with any other time of the year - we will be in touch with you immediately should there be any concern about your pet. 

    Receptions Closed
    Monday December 25
    Tuesday December 26
    Monday January 1

    On all other days, our reception and call centre will operate as per normal working hours, outlined below for your reference. 




    How do I contact you over the Christmas Period?

    You can contact our dedicated customer service team on 1300 738 468, our reservations team on 1300 426 762 or email You can also contact us via the forms on our website. Please note that, on December 25, 26 and January 1, you will be able to leave a message and only the most urgent calls will be returned. 

    Who's looking after my pet if you're closed for three days over Christmas?
    Our Pet Hotels are fully staffed across the Christmas season. Our reservations centre and reception areas, however, are closed on December 25, 26 and January 1 so we can concentrate on looking after the pets who are staying with us. 

    Will you contact me if you have any concerns with my pet? Even on Christmas day?
    Yes, absolutely. Your pet's welfare is our number one priority and, just as at any time of year, we will endeavour to contact you immediately should we have any concerns with your pet's welfare. 

    Can I request a pet update over Christmas?
    As usual, you can reuqest a free pet update at any time until December 18 and after January 3rd. So that we can focus on the welfare of each of the pets staying with us across our busiest season, pet updates will only be sent to customers who have purchased a 'Staying Connected' package between December 18 and January 3rd and we will not be providing any pet updates on December 25, 26 and January 1. Should you contact us on those days, your update will be received when our receptions reopen. Rest assured that, should we need to contact you about your pet on those days, we will do so immediately. 

    Is doggy daycare open over Christmas?
    Our daycare facilities will be closed between the following dates:
    - Hanrob Pet Hotels Heathcote - December 22 to January 2 (reopens January 3)
    - Hanrob Pet Hotels Duffys Forest - December 22 to January 2 (reopens January 3)
    - Hanrob Pet Hotels Melbourne - December 22 to January 3 (reopens January 4)
    - Hanrob Pet Hotels Brisbane - December 22 to January 6 (reopens January 7)
    - Hanrob Pet Hotels Canberra  - December 22 to January 6 (reopens January 7)


    Sydney Airport

    Mon - Fri 6am - 8:30pm
    Saturday & Sunday
    7am - 8:30pm



    Mon - Fri 7am - 7pm
    Saturday: 8am - 4pm
    Sunday: 2pm - 6pm

    duffys forest

    Mon - Fri 7am - 7pm
    Saturday: 8am - 1pm
    Sunday: 2pm - 4pm


    Mon - Fri: 6am - 9pm
    Saturday: 8am - 9pm
    Sunday: 10am - 9pm



    Mon - Fri: 6am - 8pm
    Saturday: 8am - 8pm
    Sunday: 10am - 8pm


    Mon - Fri 7am to 6pm
    Saturday: 7am to 4pm
    Sunday: 10am to 4pm