Sydney Detector Dogs

  • why chose hanrob dog training academy

    The Hanrob Dog Training Academy offers a complete detector dog unit package including program design, ongoing management, personal instruction, staff recruitment and profiling, personal development planning and guidance for handlers on courses. Our trainers are based at Heathcote, NSW, training dogs and teams both nationally and internationally. Our expertise exceeds 20 years in specialty dog training and during that time we have offered unparalleled detector dog training services both in Australia and overseas. We have also provided more than 17 years of service to the Australian Government in the field of quarantine detector dog training services. Hanrob Dog Training Academy’s team has successfully trained more than 150 operational teams now protecting Australia’s borders in international airports and mail exchange centers throughout Australia.



    what we do

    Our trainers work with detector dogs in a wide range of applications for scent detection, including quarantine, explosives, termites and pest control, narcotics and many others. We also train the employees monitoring the dogs how to communicate with the dog and techniques they will need to know.


    Upon completion of the program, detector dog teams are validated on scent association and field performance. Validation guidelines vary dependent on the field of application.


    For more information on pricing please call our team on 1300 426 762 or email



    Hanrob trains Detector Dogs and handlers for Hong Kong Airport