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Cat Boarding at Hanrob Pet Hotels

For the more pampered pet family, or for those staying that little bit longer, our luxury suites offer the ultimate in holiday accommodation. Our luxury suites are furnished to reflect the home environment, providing your cat with extra space and security during their stay. Our suites can even be shared by dogs and cats, so long as they are from the same family. 

Luxury accommodation is available at each of our long stay pet hotels (Heathcote, Duffys Forest, Brisbane, Canberra and Melbourne) and can be booked by calling 1300 426 762 or by booking online.



      • Luxury
        Cat Boarding

        Designed to replicate the home comforts your cat is used to, our luxury suites offer plenty of space for your cat to stretch, play and sleep when you have to leave them.


      • the ultimate INDULGENCE

        Is your cat due a treat? Maybe you want them to enjoy the space and home comforts they are used to while you're away? If that's the case, you'll want to book your pampered puss into our luxury suites.

        Our private suites offer plenty of space for your cat to stretch, play and, well, sleep, during their holiday and, with many suites attached to a private balcony leading to fully secure outdoor ground, your cat will be free to explore and play in the fresh air whenever they want.

        Your beloved cat will be indulged with a single bed and doona, private television and choice of music, leaving them feeling like they are truly in the comfort of their own home.

        The rooms with a private balcony will give them unlimited access to play grounds during the day where they can enjoy an array of climbing equipment and toys. Our dedicated team will also give your cat their undivided attention, pampering them with plenty of pats and playtime sessions.




      • special REQUIREMENTS

        Special Requirements

        We think you'll agree, no two pets are the same - especially when it comes to felines. They each have their unique quirks and habits. But that's OK, because we're here to cater to your pet's special requirements - whether that means administering medication, serving special food, or simply keeping them away from other curious cats - not everyone is sociable, after all.

        All the staff interacting with your pet are trained pet welfare professionals, to ensure we can deliver the very best loving care to your cat while you - and they - are away from home.

        Relocation Services

        Moving is tough on all of us, but it can be especially stressful on your cat. We're here to help take the pressure off you, and minimise the impact of your move on your beloved pet, facilitating a seamless transition between homes.

        Whether you're moving house for good or temporarily leaving to rennovate your existing property, we will help take care of your pet during periods of transition.

        Thanks to our fleet of secure pet taxis, we'll come and collect your pet prior to your move, and take them safely and securely to their temporary accommodation at our Pet Hotel, where they'll be cared for by our professional pet welfare staff until you're ready for the reintroduction of your pet into your new home. We'll even give you advice on how best to welcome your dog or cat into your new home when ready.

        Special Requirements

        To help you choose the perfect package for your pet, every time you have to go away, we've introduced our "Most Popular Pet Packages".

        These packages have been developed to make it even easier for you when it comes to booking your loved one's holiday, and include everything your pet needs to enjoy their time away.

        Specifically designed for your curious cat, our Feline Fun Package offers everything your cat needs to enjoy a quiet, calming holiday at Hanrob. As well as their clean, secure accommodation, your cat will enjoy plenty of time each day in our spacious play areas, where they can stretch and scratch to their heart’s content.

        This package includes two daily meals, comfortable warm bedding and our pet health cover guarantee. As well as their detailed report card, you'll come home to a personalised postcard from your pet, featuring highlights from their holiday at Hanrob!