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      • Cat Boarding Packages

        Our Most Loved Cat Boarding Packages

        To help you choose the perfect pet boarding package, we've created a range of Popular Pet Packages to make it easier for you to book your loved one's holiday. These packages are tailored to ensure that your pet has everything to enjoy a perfect holiday including the Feline Fun Package for cats. Simply choose the package at check out and either book online or over the phone by calling 1300 426 762. No hidden extras, nothing more to pay - just the perfect package for you and your pet.

        If you prefer to create a boarding package unique to your cat, you can! Click here to book the accommodation and add on services you want for a truly tailored experience.


      • the FELINE FUN package

        Specifically designed for your curious cat, our Feline Fun Package offers everything your cat needs to enjoy a quiet, calming holiday at Hanrob.

        This package includes:

        • two daily meals
        • comfortable warm bedding in classic cat accommodation
        • plenty of time each day in our spacious play areas including up to one hour of extra play time, where they can stretch and scratch to their heart’s content
        • a detailed report card of your cat’s stay
        • a personalised postcard from your cat, featuring highlights from their holiday at Hanrob
        • our pet health cover guarantee


      • special REQUIREMENTS

        Special Requirements

        We think you'll agree, no two pets are the same - especially when it comes to felines. They each have their unique quirks and habits. But that's OK, because we're here to cater to your pet's special requirements - whether that means administering medication, serving special food, or simply keeping them away from other curious cats - not everyone is sociable, after all.

        All the staff interacting with your pet are trained pet welfare professionals, to ensure we can deliver the very best loving care to your cat while you - and they - are away from home.
        180+ CHECK IN Centres

        Pet Shuttle

        Our pet shuttle service offers the ultimate convenience for pet owners. With over 180 check in centres, we can pick up your pet usually within 15 minutes of your home. Our pet shuttle vans have fully air-conditioned cabins with security for your pet and separate travel compartments. Find your nearest check in centre here!

        For complete convenience and luxury for you and your pet, take advantage of our pet limo service. We will take you, your family and your luggage to the airport first so you can enjoy this luxurious trip with your pet. The limo will then take your pet directly to Hanrob where our caring team will be waiting to greet your pet and show them to their spacious quarters.