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        • Hanrob's Emergency Response
          To South Eastern NSW Bushfires

          Message from our CEO, Andrew Biggs

          The last few months have been a devastating time for many people who have been affected by the horrific bushfires. As you know, more than 8.5 million hectares of Australian land are burned, half a billion Aussie wildlife killed with many thousands injured including much beloved pets.

          Over the last two weeks, my wife and I have been supporting pet owners in both the Shoalhaven community and Southern Highlands evacuation centres. What was initially a road trip for us to deliver pet food and supplies became an extremely humbling experience meeting so many people in such dire situations who were so grateful to have us around to help with their pets and someone to talk to. It demonstrates how great our Australia communities truly are and how pets make a huge difference to people’s lives in good and challenging times.

          Hanrob is committed to providing assistance to the bushfire recovery efforts in the following four key areas:

          • Donations for Wildlife Rescue
          • Free evacuee pet accommodation
          • Staff support at NSW evacuation centres
          • Advice for Pets in Emergency Situations

          We will continue to explore ways in which we can provide assistance to impacted communities.

          Best regards
          Andrew Biggs


        • Free evacuee pet accommodation

          We are providing free temporary accommodation for dogs and cats of people affected by the bushfires in Victoria and NSW in five of our pet hotels in Sydney (Heathcote, Duffys Forest, Mascot), Melbourne and Canberra. Some dogs and cats are already placed in interim evacuee accommodation. All evacuee dogs and cats in our care will be supplied with pet food which has been kindly donated by our partner, Royal Canin. There are still limited places available and if you are a pet owner affected by the bushfire needing pet temporary accommodation, please contact our Pet Experience team on 1300 426 762 or email info@hanrob.com.au for further details.


        • Staff support at NSW evacuation centres

          As a committed member of the NSW Department of Primary Industries (DPI) and the NSW Agriculture and Animal Services Functional Area committee, Hanrob staff provide on-ground assistance at major evacuation centres and surrounding areas of the Southern Highlands. We are extremely proud of the bushfire recovery efforts of our amazing staff who have been assisting with the evacuation animal centre field operations and thank them for their time.

          On 3 January 2020, Hanrob was activated by the NSW Department of Primary Industries (DPI) to support emergency operations in the south and southern highlands, in response to the devastating bushfires which have ravaged property, people and animals - both wildlife, domestic and livestock over the new year period.

          Hanrob’s role was to provide staff as DPI representatives on the ground at major evacuation centres and surrounding areas, providing necessary logistics and support to people and animals at these locations. With some 4,000 animals evacuated across a significant number of evacuation centres, Hanrob dispatched three teams into the field - one to Moruya on the far Southcoast, one to Berry/ST Georges Basin in the northern part of the Illawarra and one to Moss Vale in the highlands.

          The Hanrob bushfire relief team was made up of a diverse group of senior managers, from a variety of backgrounds, including companion animal boarding, national and international animal transport, military police, NSW fire and rescue and animal RSPCA Law enforcement and rescue. With a significant animal transport capability, Hanrob also provided a team of experienced staff to support state disaster response in NSW as an active supporting agency to DPI.

          Travelling through danger zones and expecting major fire activity on 4 January, crews travelled to the various locations and began operations alongside Local Land service, Australian Red Cross and the Department of Community Services staff. Hanrob’s primary function was to check on animals, provide food, water, guidance and care. Staff were tasked with ascertaining:

          • Total numbers of people and animals at evacuation centres
          • Logistic requirements
          • Items or supplies needs
          • Set up appropriate care and management plans for animals
          • Liaison with DPI

          Often staff faced members of the public who had lost everything except their beloved family pets. Hanrob staff found themselves providing a shoulder to cry on and listen to devastating stories told by people who had faced extraordinary circumstances.

          On 6 January after 4 days of heartbreaking and arduous work, staff were stood down by the DPI and returned to Sydney. Hanrob continues to provide support in the form of supplies and emergency boarding for displaced companion animals in facilities located in Melbourne, Canberra and Sydney. Hanrob stands ready to redeploy again at short notice back into the field should the DPI again request our assistance.


        • Advice for Pets in Emergency Situations

          Kylie Gilbert, our National Education Manager, has written the following documents which may be helpful to you as a pet owner in emergency situations.