Hanrob Pet Hotels - Sydney, Melbourne - Brisbane & Canberra


Luxury Boarding in Melbourne

Hanrob Pet Hotels Melbourne is your pet’s dog boarding home away from home. We are committed to providing the best care available for your dog so that you can have peace of mind that your cherished family member is in great hands when you are away.

Our Melbourne facility offers first class hotel dog boarding facilities ranging from Classic dog accommodation to luxury suites. We also provide aged care accommodation and pet enrichment services for the ultimate pet care experience.



      • Aged Care Dog Boarding

        All our guests over 11 years get a special eye kept on them in our Aged Care boarding facilities. We go the extra step to make sure they are comfortable and have easy access to all amenities. 



        Our kennels contain under-floor heating to help ease arthritis. Your dog will also benefit from easy access to exercise yards and regular checks throughout the day by our trained and dedicated pet loving staff to ensure they get the treatment their seniority deserves.

        Our caring team are sensitive to your dog’s needs and will give them plenty of cuddles and keep their minds and bodies stimulated with lots of interactive play.

        You can also be reassured that if the need ever arises, they will have access to immediate veterinary care.


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        Pet Shuttle

        Our FREE pet shuttle service* is the ultimate convenience for our pet owners. We can pick up your pet at over 140 locations, usually within 15 minutes of your home. Our pet shuttle offers fully air-conditioned cabins with security for your pet and separate travel compartments. View our complimentary pick-up locations here!

        For complete convenience and luxury, take advantage of our Pet Limo service for you and your pet . We will take you, your family and your luggage to the airport first so you can enjoy this luxurious trip with your pet. The limo will then take your pet directly to Hanrob where our caring team will be waiting to greet your pet and show them to their spacious quarters.


        Dog Grooming

        We know that serious fun can be messy. That’s why we can indulge your pet with a spa treatment at the Hanrob Doggy Day Spa.

        For a small additional fee, our experienced groomers will treat your dog to an aromatherapy shampoo, condition & soft blow dry whilst being gentle on their eyes and ears so they’re looking and smelling their best for the most important part of the trip – the reunion!


        Special Requirements

        We also cater to your dog’s individual needs and will tailor their stay to incorporate any medication and feeding requirements they may have, whether they need hand feeding or their own special food. Please let us know at the time of booking and we will follow your precise instructions.

        Please note, special requirements needed to care for insulin dependent dogs need to be pre-approved by management before boarding your pet.