Introducing Active Paw!

Develop your pet's strength and agility with an Active Paw exercise class during their
stay at Hanrob Pet Hotels.

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Fun, Safe & Effective

A 30-minute exercise class conducted by our
professional dog trainers

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Featuring FitPAWS

Using the FitPAWS range of canine exercise equipment
uniquely designed to challenge your dog's mind and body

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    We all like to keep fit, and most of us enjoy the many health benefits of a regular workout. But what about your dog? Cross training exercises are known to challenge your dog's mind and body, strengthening muscles, improving coordination, increasing endurance and burning off all that excess energy our dogs seem to have in abundance! At Hanrob Pet Hotels, we're proud to now offer Active Paw as an add-on service, available to all dogs staying with us at Hanrob Pet Hotels..


    what is active paw?

    Priced at $35 for a 30-minute class, Active Paw is available as an add-on to your booking for all dogs staying at Hanrob Pet Hotels.

    Conducted by our professional team of dog trainers, Active Paw classes at Hanrob Pet Hotels utilise FitPAWS Equipment for Canine Fitness, which are uniquely designed to challenge your dog's mind and body, strengthening their muscles and helping to prevent injury. 

    Active Paw

    Each 30-minute class is packed with activities that will improve coordination, increase endurance and fulfill the natural instincts of your dog. Key benefits to your dog will include:
    • Improved reaction and control
    • Increased trunk and core strength
    • Stabilisation of any weaker areas
    • Imrpoved balance and awareness of their body in relation to space
    • Increased range of motion in the joins
    • Elongation of muscles
    • Long term prevention of sports-related injuries 

    Active Paw



    FitPAWS equipment for canine fitness

    During Active Paw classes at Hanrob Pet Hotels, we make use of the award-winning FitPAWS Equipment for Canine Fitness. The specialised canine-specific equipment and training techniques make Active Paw a fun, safe and effective exercise class for dogs. Watch this short video to find out more about the FitPAWS equipment we feature.



    If you want to find out more about Active Paw or add Active Paw to an existing booking, contact us today. You can call our talented bookings team on 1300 426 762 or drop us an email on Alternatively, you can complete the form below and we'll contact you via phone or email to discuss your Active Paw enquiry.


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