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Why Choose Hanrob Pet Hotels

Hanrob Pet Hotels stands alone as the national standard for professional pet care across boarding, daycare and training, and is the most recommended pet service provider by vets and pet lovers alike. With more than 160 CheckIn Centres across Australia, we’re also the most convenient pet care choice for Australian pet owners, just like you. Our products and services are designed around our steadfast beliefs - beliefs that we hold as professionals in the pet services industry. 

  • We believe...

    We believe every pet is an individual.
    We believe a happy pet is a socially active pet
    We believe every pet deserves professional care
    So we love every pet in our care as if it was our own. 

    By choosing Hanrob, you are ensuring your pet receives the highest quality pet care - what we refer to as ‘five star’ pet care.


    WHAT IS 5* PET care?

    We all want to enjoy five star service when we travel and, for us, it's easy to tell what is and isn't five star. But when it comes to your pets, what does five star service actually look like?

    At Hanrob Pet Hotels, we have been busy defining five start pet care for the last 35 plus years. And it's not all cocktails by the pool. We know exactly what your pet needs and, at Hanrob Pet Hotels, five star service comes as standard - you don't need to pay extra.

    By choosing Hanrob Pet Hotels, you are ensuring your pet receives the highest quality (five star!) pet care, which includes: 

    • Dedicated, consistent care from professionally trained pet carers
    • Access to boarding, training and daycare in a single location
    • Our health and wellbeing guarantee, with the provision of nutritious meals and Pet Health Cover
    • Plenty of social playtime as standard - because a happy pet is a socially active pet
    • Access to the little luxuries, should they be desired. 

     So, regardless of whether you choose standard accommodation or our luxury suites, you know your pet will receive five star care as part of our promise to you. 


    the national standard  

    Hanrob Pet Hotels has been setting the standards in pet boarding, dog training and daycare in Australia for over 35 years. But what does that mean to you and your pet?

    It means we know what we're doing and, when it comes to looking after your pet, we're a well oiled machine. We have the processes and procedures in place to ensure your pet is content, safe and secure while you're away. We have access to veterinary assistance if we need it and we have the grassy off-leash play areas your pet has been dreaming of. Our staff are not only pet lovers, they're trained professionals. But don't take our word for it, take a look at what others are saying online, and read our reviews.

    "A fantastic company....fantastic facilities....and the best staff."

    "Our needs were beyond met, and I couldnt rate this place more highly!"


    the mosT RECOMMENDED 

    Hanrob Pet Hotels is the most recommended professional pet services provider in Australia - by our customers, who are pet lovers, just like you - and by our vet partners, who every day recommend us to pet owners in need of boarding, training and daycare services.

    But we don't take this for granted. Each week we ask our customers for feedback on their experience - from booking right through to picking their pet up at the end of their holiday. And each week we review this feedback, making changes where we need to. For more than 35 years we have been learning and adapting, and now we're proud to be the most recommended by pet lovers like you. 

    the most convenient choice 

    Leaving your pet can be a stressful experience - whether it's to travel, due to rennovations, or any other reason. Thanks to our network of more that 160 CheckIn Centres across Australia, we offer Australian pet owners convenience when it comes to leaving their pets, affording you the opportunity to drop your pet at your local vets, where we will then collect them and transport them safely and securely to their holiday accommodation. 

    Of course, you'll want to know your pet has arrived safely, so we'll send you a text just as soon as they're settled in to their Hotel, and leave you to worry about your travel plans. 

    For those dropping their pets directly to our pet hotels or dog training academies, you'll find our facilities located adjacent to major network links, with Hotels located adjacent to some of Australia's busiest airports. 

    To find your closest CheckIn Centre, click here.