Hanrob Pet Hotels - Sydney, Melbourne - Brisbane & Canberra



      • The Hanrob Difference

        At Hanrob, we are pet lovers, just like you. We’ve made pet care our professional commitment for over 35 years. When you entrust your cat or dog to our care, you are investing in their health and wellbeing. Hanrob pet care is more than boarding, daycare, and training, it is your pet’s health and wellbeing tune up. By choosing Hanrob you are choosing to give your cat or dog the highest quality care. It’s what we refer to as ‘five star’ pet care.



        Five Star Service comes as standard at Hanrob Pet Hotels. For your pet, this means:

        • Specialist attention from professionally trained pet carers
        • Our health and wellbeing guarantee, including nutritious meals and Pet Health Cover
        • Plenty of social playtime – a socially active pet is a happy pet
        • Boarding, training and daycare, all in one place
        • Optional luxuries for extra pampering.

        Five star pet care is guaranteed for both our classic accommodation and luxury suites.


      • The National Standard For Professional Pet Care

        Hanrob Pet Hotels has been setting the standards in pet boarding, dog training and daycare in Australia for over 35 years. Every pet deserves professional pet care. Our staff are not only pet lovers, they're trained professionals. As a nationally recognised and accredited education provider in animal services, handling, training, and pet first aid, we are trusted by organisations and government bodies in both Australia and overseas. We bring this expertise to the care of your cat or dog, ensuring that your pet receives the highest of standards in pet care.


        The Most Recommended By Vets & Pet Owners Alike

        Hanrob Pet Hotels is the most recommended professional pet services provider in Australia - by our customers, pet lovers, just like you - and by our vet partners, who recommend us every day to pet owners in need of boarding, training and daycare services.

        They love us because we treat every pet as an individual, customising their experience to create a relaxing and stress-free home away from home. Each of our locations provides social activities, comfort and safety. With on-call veterinary assistance and grassy off-leash play areas, you can relax knowing your pet is receiving the very best of care and attention.

        With every pet stay we will ask you for your feedback, so that we know we are doing all that we can to give you and your cat or dog the holiday you all deserve.

        We're proud to be the most recommended by pet lovers like you. Read our reviews to find out what others are saying online.

        The Most Convenient Choice For Australian Pet Owners

        At Hanrob we offer convenience to pet owners across Australia, with more than 180 places where you can check in your pet for their stay with us. Our CheckIn Centres can be found at your local vets where we will collect your pet and safely transport them to their holiday accommodation. Of course, you'll want to know your pet has arrived safely, so we'll send you a text just as soon as they're settled in to their Hotel.

        For those dropping their pets directly to our pet hotels or dog training academies, you'll find our facilities located adjacent to major network links, with Hotels located near to some of Australia's busiest airports.

        Find your closest closest CheckIn Centre.